Monday, September 20, 2010

wedding celebration!!!!!

a little over a week ago, the church up here that dave has been attending for the past 4 years and that i have now been attending for about a month, had a wedding celebration for us :)

dave and i before the reception started :)

linda, kevin's wife, decorated the fellowship hall for us.

she even got together a candy buffet!!! jus like we had at our wedding :)

the reception started at 6, and then around 7 we did a little program.
kevin, who gave the message and did the vows at our wedding, said a bit; and then mike, who lead worship at our wedding, lead the same songs for the reception.
it was a really good time of remembering, of fellowship, and of worship :)

i was particularly blessed when the love of my life said his vows to me in front of his community here in red lake. i wasn't expecting it. i knew he was going to get up and say a lil' something...but to here those words again blessed me beyond measure :) i am one very very lucky wifey!

to wrap up the little program we did a slideshow with music and pictures from the wedding.
i could watch it over and over and over again :) best day of my life!!!!


  1. Sounds like you are being welcomed in Red Lake. Looks like your wedding over again. Looks like you two are still in love, keep it up. Grandmother H.

  2. I just watched this blog and it was great. That is the most I have seen of the wedding pictures. It was neat that the community have a reception for you. Sounds like they are making you welcome.