Sunday, July 31, 2011

19 weeks

we have a mango baby this week :)

it has been so fun dreaming about this lil' guy and planning for him :)

i'm planning on having a giraffe themed baby mom and sisters are coming up next week, and they are suppossed to be bringing me a 5 ft. stuffed giraffe that i ordered from Timeless Toys... an amazing lil' shop!!!! can't wait to get our new house started and the decorating under way!!

dave and i were so blessed this past weekend to find a stroller, high chair, playpen, johnny-jump-up, and some clothing items at yard sales on saturday!!! up until now i have not been very impressed w/ the yard sales that happen up here in red lake (there are usually only 3-5 each weekend, and a lot of the stuff is pretty junky), but 2 of them this weekend had items that suited our baby needs!!! the one yard sale was even free!!! hard to beat :)

thanx to all that have been keeping dave and i and our little mango in your prayers!!! as far as we know all is going well w/ the lil' fellow...can't wait to meet him!!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

baby blanket

i haven't done a lot of crocheting lately, but one project i have been working on is a baby blanket for our up and coming munchkin :)

i started it soon after we found out we were pregnant...not knowing the gender of squeakums yet, i decided to go w/ greens.

i'm so happy w/ how it turned out!
now just 5 more months 'til i can wrap him all up in it :) :) :) :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

corn hole & the 17 week baby bump

over a year ago, dave and i started building a corn hole game...somewhere along the way we lost motivation to finish them...and they sat and sat and sat

i am happy to say that they are once more on their way to becoming complete :) :) :)

saturday we worked on the finish layers of paint and now we are in the process of finishing them off w/ several coats of sealant (or however you spell that)

happy to be working together, to have warm weather, and to be almost done!!!!

and to finish off the post...

the 17 week baby bump :) he's just a growin' in there!!!!
he's the size of a large purple onion this week :)

praising God for a good and healthy pregnancy so far!!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

11 amazing months :)

thank you baby!!!
for the beautiful surprise bouquet of flowers
for the banana pancake breakfast
for enjoying my cooking :)
for the walks you take w/ me in the evenings
for your patient, adoring, unselfish love.
i love you!!!