Monday, January 21, 2013 last!

well, it's officially been over a month since some of these pictures were taken
o well, such is life :)
hope you enjoy!

we left for Virginia on December 19
on the way down we got to stop in Michican and see my cousin Isreal, his wife Jessica, and their tribe of 6...#7 is on the way :)
we also got to see Dave's grandma and aunt in Ohio
as well as an old friend of mine and her little beauty in Columbus

Elise and Brighton are just a couple of months apart
i was so glad i finally got to meet her!

Christmas Eve was spend at my Granddaddy and Grammy's house. 
She always has quite a spread!
This year we were only missing Autumn who was in Poland.

Dave was the proud owner of 2 lobsters from the grandkids gift exchange...but he didn't keep them long! they were a hot item :)

the grands and one great grand :)

gift exchange!!

we spent Christmas Day up at Dave's parents cabin
i forgot my camera :(
but thankfully Sandra had hers, so the following pictures are compliments of her

now, what better thing to do back at a cabin in the woods, than some skeet shooting?
Trent had gotten a shotgun for Christmas and brought it down w/ him
so after breakfast, reading the Christmas story, and opening gifts, we all took our turn shooting skeet :)

my family had their Christmas the day after Christmas
Brighton always enjoys looking at the fish

she was pretty fascinated w/ the gift that Granddad and Mummsy got her from Timeless Toys
she played w/ those balls most of the day :)

Uncle Christian trying to be as cool as his little niece ;)

Also, Brighton hit a milestone while we were home...her 1 year bday!

o how we love this little munchkin!
we are so thankful for the year God has given us w/ her

and here are a few more snapshots of the rest of our time in VA:
making baskets one day

little Abby

no comment

28 hrs. on the road will do this to a least that's what you pray! ;)

parting shot :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

pre-Virginia happenings

how long has it been since i've posted?
close to a month a do believe
i seriously meant to do a post in December before we left, but life was crazy full and i got crazy sick
worst sinus cold i ever remember having

so here's a few pre-Virginia December pics:
our 11 month old stinker bug who will dominate most of this post ;)

lovin' and livin' up bath time

just hangin' out and being the sweetest baby ever!

 piggy back ride!

 Christmas light fun

i love dipping chocolates at Christmas time
this year i did them for Dave to give to his subcontractors
twix bars, pumpkin truffles, buckeyes, monster cookie balls, etc!

our Christmas tree :)
which we won!!!
6 $1 raffle tickets, and this beauty was ours :)
happy dance!

love this little series :)

we had our little family of 3 Christmas on December 18, the day before we left for VA
Dave got me a beautiful Longaberger picnic basket
I got him a Woolrich wool shirt...which i think he's worn close to every other day since! lol
and 2 seasons of the Cosby show :) 
Brighton got a little musical caterpillar that we won along w/ the Christmas tree
(i was just going to wrap up one of her toys that she already has lol)

Merry belated Christmas!