Tuesday, March 27, 2012

mostly Brighton

this post is mostly Brighton...my life is mostly Brighton, so i guess that makes sense :)
this picture was taken in the parking lot at a Home Depot in Winnipeg. 
Dave, Brighton, and i made the trip there and back in 1 day (10 hrs. of driving) to pick up stuff for the house. Thankfully we are blessed w/ a baby that enjoys the road :)

speaking of the house...we are moved in! things are still a bit of a mess and lots of finishing touches need to be done, so as things come together i'll post more pics :) for now...
our lovely entryway w/ the completed wood box :)

baby room

cleaning tiles for the bathroom :)
we had some beautiful short-sleave weather!!! it's over now...snowing outside, but it was nice while it lasted :)

bath time:

 some of her many expressions:

she's been fascinated w/ her hands lately:

 more expressions:

and to end this post, i just want to testify a bit to the goodness of God :)

A few weeks ago i found out that i have a bunch of cavities. Dave and i were thinking about getting insurance so i didn't schedule to have them filled. We looked into insurance, and decided we would be better off just paying out of pocket, but then i just never got around to making the appointment. Sunday night, my teeth started hurting to the point that i was in tears. I took T3, extra strength tylenol, and ibuprophene. Two hours later i still wanted to curl up in a ball and die. The pain killers were doing nothing that i could tell. Dave and i were both praying that God would ease my pain and let me sleep. i'm not exactly sure what time it was when i finally did get to sleep, but it was sometime around 2AM. Then Brighton woke up a little after 3 to eat...and when that happened, the pain was mostly gone!!! I was able to sleep the rest of the night :) I've been continuing to pain killers, and while the pain is still there a bit, it is much much more bearable. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow :)
I am so thankful that we have a God who hears our prayers and cares for us!

Monday, March 12, 2012

a sunday stroll

We had a BEAUTIFUL day here in Red Lake yesterday. It actually got up into the 50s!!!! So, Dave and I decided to take Brighton out for a nice little Sunday stroll. 

We got her little buggy at a yard sale this summer for $20. It worked great! The sidewalks around here are terrible, but w/ the tires on this thing, off-roading it is no problem :)

Making a little stop at her daddy's car wash to pump up the tires.

 He takes such good care of her :)

 We also made a stop at the house...
 Brighton hung out in her stroller while we checked out the inside. 

 Looks pretty shady on the outside, but the inside sure is looking amazing! 
We are hoping to move in next weekend!
pictures to come :)

Sights along the way...
 melting snow :)

 up on a hill, overlooking the frozen lake

 buried in the snow

With these warmer days, the ice road is getting a little slushy....come on spring!!!!
It's still drivable, but probably won't be in another couple of weeks. 

I tell you what, I sure am getting spring fever! After a day like yesterday, I sure am hoping winter is calling it quits. Last year we had snow falling through April, and the ice didn't leave until May. 
An early spring/summer sure would do wonders for this southern girl's heart :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

and march begins....

We've spent a good amount of time over at the house so far this month. Dave has wrapped up some other jobs, so he has finally got to focus a bit more on our house :) yay!!!

He has begun to trim out the entryway...so excited about it! We are going for a clean/rustic look. The trim is fir, stained w/ ebony. He made me a large window sill for plants. :)

My staining/polyurethaning room...also known as the baby room :)

Kitchen cabinets going in. 

I finished painting the living room last week--2 tan walls and 1 chocolate wall.

Brighton gets to hang out on the floor or in her car seat while we work. 

 tuckered out after a long day of work

 look Dad, i'm standing!!!!!

 Sunday afternoon our friend Diana organized a snowshoeing trek and campfire for the youth group. 
 Dave and I went along while Kendall and Karen (the other youth leaders) babysat Brighton. 

 strapping up

 snowshoeing over the frozen lake on a perfect winter day :)

hubby and me :)

warming up and making smores!!!

 Kendall and Karen brought Brighton out for her first winter bonfire

i think she liked it ;)