Wednesday, June 29, 2011

week 14

o how i long for a SLR!!!!
all my pics are taken w/ a point-and-shoot, and i so miss messing w/ the aperture, focus, white balance, etc.
some day :)

in other is a lemon this week :)

Friday, June 24, 2011


it's true!!!!!!
if you get married, and God blesses you with children, 1+1 will eventually equal 3...then 4, 5, 6, etc. ;)

for those of you who might not have heard yet, dave and i are expecting a mini-sonifrank sometime in december!!!
according to the ultrasound i had this morning, i am 13 weeks, 5 days today, thus making the due date december 25...eek!!! poor child! i always pitied kids who were born right on or around christmas...they're birthdays always seemed to get lost in the hubub and excitement of christmas...i'm going to do my best not to let that happen though!!!

we are so so so excited!!!

the beginnings of a baby bump :)

and now the ultrasound pics...
i cannot even come close to describing what it was like to see my baby for the first time...the first thing we saw was his lil' backbone...and he sure did look boney!!! the little spine looked like it was just a jutting out of his back. he was super active, so we got to see him from all angles :) o, and in case you haven't picked it up from my use of pronouns yet, the sonographer thinks it's a boy :)

profile picture...head is to the right with his little footsies stickin' straight up

check out those cute lil feet!!! you can see the whole bottom of his foot on the top one, and the other is curled to the side...o yes, and there is a slight hint of a butt there to the right :)

and lastly, a view from the top that lets you see his cute lil' fingers

it is just so hard to believe that there is a little being growing inside of me...and that he's already over 3 inches long!!!
we got to hear his heart beat this morning too!!! 147 beats per minute.
it's so incredible to think that all his major organs are already functioning. i can't help but feel completely awed by God and the miracle of life that is taking place inside of me! sum, dave and i are completely thrilled, nervous, excited, hopeful, rejoicing, etc.
we would so appreciate any prayers offered on our behalf...for safety for myself and the baby, and more than anything else that he and i will always be humbled before our God, constantly seeking His wisdom and direction in pointing our children continually to Him

Sunday, June 19, 2011

dinner date and a picture from home

every friday or saturday night dave does something special for a date night :)
often we order pizza and get a movie
sometimes we go out to eat
if we are out of town we like to try different ethnic restaurants
and once in a while we cook together :) that's what happened yesterday :)
if your hubby enjoys cooking, this makes such a fun date!!!

we come up w/ four courses.
last night we decided to go with:
1. appetizer
2. main course
3. side dish
4. dessert

he made the appetizer and main course. i made the side dish and dessert.
usually we spend a bit of time checking out the internet for fun and new recipes, then we go to the grocery store to pick up anything we are missing, and then we get started :)

my handsome hubby lookin' so good in the kitchen ;)

and the finished products:

french onion soup made from scratch w/ broiled cheesy bread on top

blackened basa

curried cauliflower and green beans

mango sticky rice w/ toasted sesame seeds
(except my mango wasn't ripe enough so i used a peach)

we've definitely come up w/ some winners doing date nights like this!!!! :)

and last but not least, my picture from home...

my awesome siblings :)
this picture was taken last week while i was home
it was so so so so good to see my family again!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

our lil' canoe trip

before i came home for my grandfather's funeral, dave and i went on a lil' canoe/camping trip
it was fun...but also very miserable lol
the forecast had called for a fairly warm weekend, but it didn't exactly turn out that way...

-the first day we were paddling into 20 kph winds
-it dropped below freezing the night we camped in our little tent
-it rained and the sun didn't shine our 2nd day of paddling
-also, we've had a lot of rain recently, so the portage trails were pretty muddy and mucky
-but we survived!!!!!

i think next time we go, we'll make sure the weather is going to be a good bit warmer though!

i guess the way it looked out our window the morning we left should have been a hint...

just before we put in

first day :)

my handsome canoe partner :)

this little portage trail got taken over by a rushing river...
we made it across w/out getting to wet though :)

happy to be on solid ground and sooooooooo ready for a nice hot fire!!!

trying to thaw out a bit :)
the island must get used quite often as a stopping point...there were all kinds of little tables, a nice cleared flat spot for our tent, and even a fire ring :)

off to the bush to do my business ;)
not sure why dave took this picture, but he did lol

frying eggs in a mountain pie iron for breakfast :)
amazing little contraptions they are!!!!
we made pizza pockets and eggs sandwiches using them

parting shot...
the little island where we spent the night :) so cute!

Friday, June 10, 2011

my grandfather...

You will be missed grandfather!!! everytime i am w/ my wonderful family i am so grateful for the Christian heritage you have left me and the love and closeness of our family...thank you so so much

Grandle Funeral Home, Inc.

Oren Early Heatwole Oren Early Heatwole
(March 23, 1927 - June 10, 2011)

Oren Early Heatwole, Sr., 84, of Bridgewater, VA, passed away peacefully at his home, Friday, June 10, 2011. Mr. Heatwole was born March 23, 1927 near Dayton and was the son of the late Ralph Frank and Vera Early Heatwole.

He was a member of Calvary Mennonite Fellowship near Harrisonburg.

He was married on July 7, 1949, to Margaret Virginia Wenger who survives.

Surviving in addition to his wife are seven daughters and sons-in-law; June (Jim) Flory of Timberville, Coleen (Glen) Barnhart of Waynesboro, GA, Julia (Paul) Graber of Brooksville, MS, Sheila (Sanford) Helmuth of Bridgewater, Polly (Mark, Jr.) Yoder of Greenwood, DE, Emily (Perry) Hostetler of Weyers Cave, Barbara (Terry) Cline of Bridgewater; and one son and daughter in law, Oren, Jr. (Cheryl) Heatwole of Bridgewater, 43 grandchildren, and 36 great-grandchildren. He is also survived by four brothers and sisters-in-law; Enos (Glennys) Heatwole of Denmark, SC, Daniel (Betty) Heatwole of Yakima, WA, Willard (Melba) Heatwole of Bridgewater, Byard (Rose Mary) Heatwole of Millen, GA, and six sisters and brothers-in-law; Miriam (Howard) Brubaker of Olar, SC, Ida (James) Goering of Dayton, Twila (Robert) Risser of Waynesboro, PA, Evelyn (Edgar) Strite of Hartwell, GA, Doris (James) Landis of Waynesboro, GA and Vera Rose (Eldwin) Campbell of Dayton, VA.

Mr. Heatwole was preceded in death by a brother; Roy Heatwole, two grandsons; Brian Graber and Justin Flory, and one great-grandson; Logan Powell.

A visitation will be held Saturday, June 11, from 5-8 PM at the Calvary Mennonite Fellowship , 6038 Mt. Clinton Pike.

Pastor Paul Emerson will conduct a funeral service Sunday, June 12 at 2 PM at Calvary Mennonite Fellowship. Burial will follow at the Bank Mennonite Church Cemetery near Dayton by Pastor David Burkholder.

Arrangements are being handling by the Grandle Funeral Home in Broadway.

There will be no viewing or visitation at the funeral home.

Memorial contributions may be made to Calvary Christian Academy, 6083 Mt. Clinton Pike, Harrisonburg, VA 22802.