Thursday, November 14, 2013

once or twice a month may be my new blogging norm

seems my blog posts are becoming fewer and farther apart
i guess that's to be expected when a newbie comes into the picture
i've heard it takes 6 weeks for a family to adjust to a new baby
asher was 6 weeks on monday
i think i'm still trying to find my groove lol 

it's funny…after i posted about asher's rough evenings, they pretty much stopped
i'm chalking it up to God and all the prayers that went up on our behalf :)
thanks to each of you who prayed for us!

although evenings aren't so bad anymore, he seems to becoming more and more fussy in general
he was so chill the first week of his life

i cut out dairy for about 3 weeks to see if that would help, but i couldn't really tell a difference so i'm enjoying milk products once again :)
though i am tempted to give it another shot considering how the last couple of days have been!

Brighton and i had a fun evening on Halloween
Dave stayed home w/ Asher, and she and i walked around the neighbourhood collecting candy :)
we practiced saying "trick or treat" before we headed out and she was saying it like a pro! but then when we would get to someone's house she would get all shy and either not say it or say it in a barely audible whisper lol
Dave and i enjoyed her stash of candy after we put her to bed that night :)

Dave hasn't got to spend nearly as much time w/ Asher as a baby as he did w/ Bump because of working on our house…but it sure brings joy to my heart when he is able to get in a bit of snuggle time :)

i also love how Brighton has just taken to Asher
she just loves the little guy!

it's hard to believe that in a month and a half, this little ball of energy will be two years old!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

newborn // asher dai

my very own little bundle of sweetness