Monday, August 25, 2014

and then there were 5!!!

our family is under construction!!!
sometime around March 23 we will welcome a little addition :)

we are thrilled :) :) :)

Friday, July 18, 2014

o summer, how we love you!!!!!

July has finally brought summer to Canada!
bring on short sleeves, sun hats, parks, green grass, bikes,
sugar and spice, and everything nice!

and of course we can't forget the ever adoring little brother
snips, and snails and puppy dog tails ;)

happy summer y'all!

Friday, July 11, 2014

our home // part 1

i've been wanting to do a blog post w/ some pictures of our new home
we moved in at the beginning of March, and it has been fun seeing everything come together!
building a house has it's ups and downs
it's a lot of work! as my hubby knows much more than i ;)
he is responsible for the beautiful construction of our home, and together we worked at the design and choosing the different elements such as flooring, cabinets, light fixtures, etc. 
i've chosen most of the decor, and he's helped turn some of my ideas into reality :) :) :)
he truly is the best!

our house is unique in that the main floor is upstairs
i love it because even though we are in town we are above the other houses, so we have a nice view out of most of our windows

// dining room //

aren't those boards just lovely?!?!
when we were home over Christmas hubby and i scrounged through and old chicken house and found them. that sat in the basement for a long time until inspiration finally hit :)
it was simple really
dave just put wall hangers on the back, and i duck taped the pictures up :) 

// kitchen //

 seriously, dave is superman!
see those countertops? 
they are concrete…and i love them!
they ended up being so much more work than he realized they would be…especially as there were more than a few mishaps along the way!
the brick wall was also a labor of love :)
i helped as i could, but the demands of 2 small kiddos meant that he did most of it
it's not done yet…the joints all need to be mortared…but we are taking a break ;)
it will probably be finished this winter when we are cooped up for 8 months!

// hallway //
 beautiful baby gate, eh?
can i brag on my hubby enough?
down the hall is our bedroom, an office, and a bathroom
down the stairs are the kids bedrooms, another bathroom, and a playroom

// living room //

through that door in the top picture is the laundry room
i've always preferred carpet in living room areas as it tends to be much more cozy and comfortable, but because we went w/ an open concept, we couldn't do that
thankful for an area rug that has made some floor-sitting possible!

that's it for now
the downstairs is a mess, and i am still trying to figure out what i want to do w/ the kiddos rooms, so that blog post will be for another day :)
hope you enjoyed the little tour!

**pictures were taken counter-clockwise around the upstairs**

Thursday, July 3, 2014

james walker

sweet baby james
9 days old
congrats beautiful mama!
he is precious :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


this winter our little ball of energy went to gymnastics once a week
she went w/ her Aunt Molly, and she just loved it!
Molly is one of Brighton's favourite people :)

i am so thankful for the many programs available to kids here in Red Lake, especially during the winter
they gotta do something w/ all their pent up energy!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

our family of four visits VA

mid april our little family of four took a nice little vacation to va :)
it was so good to spend time w/ family again!
it was also good to get in some barefoot and short sleeve weather!

the above pics i took w/ my good camera
the pics that follow were taken w/ my iPhone
quality sure isn't there, but sometimes you just can't beat convenience!

Brighton lovvvvved this penguin in the airport and was very excited to get her picture taken w/ it :)

one of the highlights of our trip was a quick trip dave, asher, and i took to Washington DC to visit some old friends of mine
we so enjoyed the good conversation, the best eggs benedict i have ever had, and a fun little tour to some of the DC monuments
thank you so much for the wonderful time lem and jess!

our main reason for going to va and another highlight of the trip was the wedding of sam horst and sheri helmuth
the day was beautiful
the wedding was so incredibly God-honoring
the couple was perfectly in love
it was a blessing to be a part of their long-awaited day!

we also bought a gorgeous piece of land
10.5 acres in Augusta County
moving back to va is still a ways off…at least another 3 yrs, but it's exciting to have a place to plan and dream about!

hangin' in the airport on the way home...

and this is what we returned to… :/