Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve - 39 weeks, 6 days...and counting

Bump still has not graced us w/ her presence...but she does have one more day before she is "late"!

i'm hoping she's a volleyball player :)
39 weeks, 6 days

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

homeowners..."before" pictures

last friday, dave and i signed papers to become the owners of a little 800 sq. ft. fixer-upper :)
monday we got the keys
and tuesday i took some pictures of the house before the demolition derby began ;)

let's just say the place needs a good bit of work, but thankfully, i am blessed w/ quite a skilled husband when it comes to construction, and i'm pretty sure it'll be quite the cozy little home by the time he finishes :) yay!
our hope is to move in sometime in february or march :)

now for pictures...

i'm not quite sure why anyone would side a house like this or w/ these colors, but thankfully come spring, the outside of the house will be just as remodelled as the inside of the house :)
view from the road
and around...

so yeah, not the prettiest little thing i've ever seen, but definitely has potential!!! at least that's what dave tells me :)

the entryway

which enters into the living room/dining room area
we're going to eliminate the far wall to give the house a bit more of an open feel...the kitchen is on the other side of the wall, and an island will separate the kitchen from the dining room area

view from the kitchen into the dining room/living room

current kitchen :)
the plan here is to move the door around the corner and to extend the cabinets into more of a "u"-shape...and like i said before, knock out the wall separating the kitchen from the dining/living room area.
i also get a dish washer!!!! that's my highlight :)

the house has 2 tiny little bedrooms.
one will be ours, one will be baby's :)
neither room has a closet, but dave is going to fix that...especially since there is hardly room for a dresser, the rooms are so small lol

this is the current state of the is going to be eliminated and turned into one of the closets that we need, and then dave is going to put a new bathroom into the area between the two bedrooms

the area between the 2 bedrooms allocated for the new bathroom :)

i would say currently, the coolest part of the house is the stairs going down to the basement...

they may be a little steep, and not quite up to code, but at least there is a rope to hang onto!!!!

and the basement:
we're not exactly sure what we're going to do down here. the ceiling is only 6.5 ft, and there are big objects all over the place, but we're hoping to maybe finish off a small area as an office / sewing room / tv / send-the-kids type space :)

so that's it folks :) our new little soon-to-be home :)
i'm excited!!!!

o yes, and a few "treasures" we found in one of the rooms...
hmmmmm.... ;)

Monday, December 12, 2011

38 weeks

we have had a pretty neat winter so far this year :) it's been cold, but not much snow! it's been nice not having to wear boots's fun for a while, but after 4 months of wearing the same boots over and over and over, it gets a little old ;)

also, because of the lack of snow, the ice on the lake is clear...makes it look so pretty :) usually it's completely white, but this winter there have been a couple of days where people have been able to ice skate anywhere on the lake w/out having to sweep snow :) i think people are saying the ice is around 8 inches thick at the moment

yesterday was a gorgeous day and my sweet sweet hubby took the time to take a few more pregnancy pics w/ me :)

in case you can't tell from the smiles on our faces, we are so so excited and happy about that little bump on my belly :)

38 weeks :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

ok baby, you can come now!

dear bump,
your hat and slippers are finished. you may come now :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

this and that...'s december!!!! anyone know what that means???? baby is due this month!!
3.5 weeks 'til "d-day" :)

this past saturday...hubby and i got ready for baby :)
i think we're all set least as far as the house goes...who knows about the rest lol

despite the fact that dave is a carpenter, i never have tools around the house when i need them. he takes them all to work. after several times of me asking him to bring home a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, etc, he decided to get me some tools of my own :) not only that, but i got his old tool belt as well :)
so, here are me and bump, sporting our new duds...
35 weeks, 6 days

in other news..."it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas."
i don't have many Christmas decorations yet, but what i do have i love :)

also, this morning we woke up to a frozen lake...

it'll be close to another month until we can drive on it, but no more open water for approximately 5 months

and i'll leave you w/ my favorite Christmas song this year... "Let it be Christmas" by Alan Jackson