Tuesday, July 30, 2013

30 week baby bump in Costa Rica

2 weeks ago, Dave and i, along w/ another couple took the community youth group to Costa Rica for a 10 day mission trip with Pura Vida Missions
it's a great program and i'd highly recommend it to anyone!
God most definitely used it in the lives of our youth :)

i took my little point and shoot camera, but didn't end up taking many pictures as Brighton was pretty much my full time job.
maybe i'll be able to get some pics from the youth later on

here's Brighton and i at the airport at 4am
bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!
we left at 3pm on a Monday and got to the base around 3pm the following day
it was an 11 hr. drive to the airport
o the joys of living in a remote area!!!

i think one of the least fun parts of this trip was the plane rides
no matter what we do, poor little Bump's ears always hurt w/ the changing pressure
also, keeping a 1.5 year old content for 4.5 hrs while sitting in a plane isn't exactly a piece of cake when you have a crazy one like ours!!! lol

we spent our first 3 days in Costa Rica at the PVM base doing training
then we headed to Jaco for our outreach
Jaco is on the coast and we were lucky enough to be able to spend a bit of time at the beach while we were there
Bump loved it :)

our last day there, dave took a few pics of our 30 week baby bump
the little fellow is coming right along!
i look about as big as i did when i was full term w/ Brighton!

and here's a little snip-it of Brighton dancing while the youth are learning motions to Spanish songs for the kids clubs that they did while we were on outreach

Thursday, July 11, 2013

mosquitoes on steroids...or something

our poor little girl got bit by a mosquito
and yes, i know it was a mosquito because i pulled it off her face
the next morning she woke up looking like she'd been fighting w/ her monkey during the night
poor thing...made me just wanna squeeze and kiss her all day :)

and then the next morning it was even worse!
basically swollen shut :(

finally after 48 hrs. the swelling started going down rather than up

she can now see again
cutie patootie :)