Sunday, September 29, 2013

newborn // brodie bernard

4 days young
and o so sweet!

it has been so fun to be pregnant alongside my good friend kerri!
we were both expecting little boys
and now i can hardly wait for my little bundle to get here!

she was due 3 weeks before me
and 4 days after this little guy was born, i got to take his newborn pics :)

congrats on a perfect little boy kyle and kerri!!!
and thanks so much for letting me capture that o so sweet newborn stage :)

Monday, September 23, 2013

iphone pics from the year so far

excuse the quality of the following pics
neither dave nor i are so hot at taking pics w/ the phone lol
some people's iphone pics are amazing
don't know how they do it
but ours sure aren't!
nonetheless, our phone has captured a few moments over this past year that i want to share :)

dave and i back in january when we found out we were pregnant w/ baby #2!

Bump and her lovely bag of stinky diapers lol

crazy morning hair

somebody tried to drink dad's coffee lol

ready for church

blowing snot bubbles

too cool for school w/ dad's safety glasses

1st ever happy meal


evening at the park

daddy and his little girly

Costa Rica w/ Bump #1 and Bump #2

little ears just a hurtin' from the changing air pressure

airplane ride @ Norseman Days in Red Lake

Brighton loved the rides at the fair this year

taking a family picture in the ferris wheel

we have this amazing tradition that we started this summer
every sunday morning we go on a family walk up to Tim Horton's for breakfast
i think dave and i would both say it's one of our favorite parts of the week
relaxing, refreshing, fun, and yummy!

and just this week Dave officially became a Canadian citizen!!!
my 2 Canadians :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

end of pregnancy musings

at the end of this month Bump will be 21 months old
and at the end of this month
or at the beginning of next month
she will be able to kiss her baby brother's belly instead of my belly ;)

she's been fun w/ this new baby thing
she knows his name
she holds things up to my belly for him such as her soother, food, etc.
several times throughout the day she asks to give kisses and hugs to the baby

i'm curious if she'll connect the dots when he actually arrives

this pregnancy has been different than the last one
this pregnancy i was able to keep active for the first 2 trimesters but the 3rd trimester has been a bit tougher. 
i'm tired. 
my back and belly have started hurting. 
and pushing a stroller up hills w/ a 24 lb. toddler about does me in!

my last pregnancy i didn't do a whole lot for the first 2 trimesters
but was able to go to the gym several times a week during the last trimester
"running" on an elliptical and doing the stationary bikes were perfect exercise those last couple of months.
now that i have a toddler, the gym isn't really an option
and just getting out is a lot more work than it use to be! 

right around 27 weeks i started having ligament pain in my lower abdomen so i had to stop running
crazy that 10 weeks ago i ran 21 km and now i can't even run 1!
the plus side is that i'm not nearly as hungry as i was the first 2 trimesters
and i'm enjoying just taking a break and just letting my body rest for a while

another difference this pregnancy is that i've been having braxton hicks
they sure are annoying!
the other day i had them most of the evening and i was starting to wonder if i was going into labor
thankfully i wasn't
i'm pretty sure at 4 weeks early they would have choppered me out to another hospital

i also feel like i've been more hungry this pregnancy
and my craving unfortunately is SUGAR!!!
i could probably eat cinnamon toast crunch all day long lol
so far i've put on 6 more lbs. than i did w/ Bump
kind of a bummer...but such is life

i feel like it's just been a bit harder to be disciplined this pregnancy
mostly because my days revolve around Brighton and not just myself
it's much easier to just get out and go when you don't have a little one in tow!
who knows what will happen when i have 2 little boogers to chase around and not just 1!

this baby is carrying bigger and lower than Brighton did
i'm sure some of that has to do w/ the fact that my stomach muscles are already stretched out now
Brighton was so tight in my belly that her leg bones were super bowed for the first year of her life
she also kicked me in the ribs ALOT
super painful!
this little guy is being much kinder :)

this Friday i will be 37 weeks along
so he could come anytime!
but i'm not counting on it lol
Brighton was 4 days overdue

i've always found this stage in pregnancy to be a bit weird
basically you have a whole month where the baby could come anytime
3 weeks "early"
2 weeks "late"
who knows :)
i think they mostly just come whenever they're ready
and some just need to incubate a bit longer than others :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

my little girl had a seizure

last Thursday i had a fussy little girl
it happens
some days are just happier than others in toddlerville 
(well, i guess that's true in adultland as well!)
i probably should have realized that she was getting sick
but i didn't
until that evening when she started feeling extremely warm
i took her temperature and it was a little over 102F
we gave her some tylenol and put her to bed for the night
the next morning she was still burning up
so she got more meds, 
and i was looking forward to a relaxing morning at home w/ a sleepy, cuddly little girl
Brighton is not a cuddler
too much energy
so sometimes it's kind of nice for me when she's not feeling the best because then she lets me hold her a snuggle :)
so that's what we were doing friday morning
i was loving it
and she fell asleep in my arms
so a carried her into our bedroom and laid down on the bed w/ her
we had just been laying there for a couple of minutes when the seizure happened
all of a sudden her little body went stiff and started seizing 
her head arched back
her eyes rolled back
i couldn't tell if she was breathing
i picked her up, ran out to the kitchen, grabbed the phone, and took her back to the bedroom where i called 911
i was so scared, and had no idea what to do
for all i knew, she was dying 
i now know that she wasn't, and that febrile seizures are actually rather common in young children, and that they are pretty much harmless
but i didn't know that then
it was the scariest couple minutes of my life
the paramedics arrived about 5 minutes after i called 911
by then the seizure was over and she was breathing semi-normally again
we went in the ambulance to the ER where we spent the remainder of the morning while they did some tests to make sure everything was ok
it turns out she had an ear infection which led to the fever which led to the seizure

today i am thankful for a healthy, beautiful little girl
(who is currently trying my patience w/ her whiney attitude this morning!)
her fever broke sometime friday night praise the Lord!

exhausted and waiting in the ER

and she's back!!!
:) :) :) crazy as ever :) :) :) 

 (all pictures taken w/ my less than stellar camera phone)