Sunday, March 31, 2013

key west bound!!!!

and o how we are going to miss this little munchkin of ours!
so thankful for friends willing to watch her for 6 days and nights!
and thankful for the time that we will get to focus on us :)
here's to babymoon #2!

Friday, March 22, 2013

and then there were...

 it's getting hard to hide
and i don't really want people to think that i've just been eating too many Peeps
(which i have ;)
and you just get to this point where you can't keep it in any longer!

i'm 12 weeks along
my maternity jeans are my favorite article of clothing in the closet at the moment :)
my first prenatal appointment is monday
morning sickness is over!

we are so excited!!!!
and Brighton may appear to be excited...but she has no idea ;)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

i heart faces photo challenge | framed

every so often, I Heart Faces puts on a photo contest
sometime i enter, sometimes i don't
i never win...BUT it's a fun way to push my creative self!
it's also a great place to be inspired by others :)

their current themed challenge is "framed"
i keep seeing these beautiful backlight photos people are doing, and love them!
so i decided to try that out for this challenge

i have much to learn, but ya gotta start somewhere :)
my little beauty posing for a quick second in our kitchen

This photo was submitted to the I Heart Faces photo challenge –
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

all but one

this post contains all my pictures from february but one
there are only so many pictures to be taken in this tiny space
w/ the same activities happening over and over again
we read
we throw toys everywhere
we eat
we sleep
we climb on furniture
we climb on the table
we open cupboard doors and empty the contents
we eat bananas w/ the peel still in tack 
we learn where our hair, eyes, nose, lips, teeth, cheeks, ears, tongue, and toes are
i am so very tired of winter
tired of being cooped up in this house
i just want to go to the park
or the "beach"
i want to be outside w/out having to dress like an eskimo
which i hate doing
people tell me that if i dress right i'll be warm and i'll enjoy it
sorry, doesn't work for me :(
winter is not my season!

on the bright side...
the temperatures are slowly creeping up
we almost got above freezing the other day!
the snow is very very pretty
my amazing hubby builds me a cozy little fire every morning :) 2 months my mom and sister are coming to visit!
sooooo looking forward to that :)

Brighton climbs up on this chair and watches Dave leave and come home from work almost every day

she knows what the word "book" means and often brings them for us to read to her

crazy fun hair!

she loves to be in the kitchen creating all kinds of havoc for me while i cook

it's snowing outside here today
and i hear it's supposed to do the same in the south
hope y'all enjoy it more than me!!! ;)