Tuesday, March 5, 2013

all but one

this post contains all my pictures from february but one
there are only so many pictures to be taken in this tiny space
w/ the same activities happening over and over again
we read
we throw toys everywhere
we eat
we sleep
we climb on furniture
we climb on the table
we open cupboard doors and empty the contents
we eat bananas w/ the peel still in tack 
we learn where our hair, eyes, nose, lips, teeth, cheeks, ears, tongue, and toes are
i am so very tired of winter
tired of being cooped up in this house
i just want to go to the park
or the "beach"
i want to be outside w/out having to dress like an eskimo
which i hate doing
people tell me that if i dress right i'll be warm and i'll enjoy it
sorry, doesn't work for me :(
winter is not my season!

on the bright side...
the temperatures are slowly creeping up
we almost got above freezing the other day!
the snow is very very pretty
my amazing hubby builds me a cozy little fire every morning :)
AND...in 2 months my mom and sister are coming to visit!
sooooo looking forward to that :)

Brighton climbs up on this chair and watches Dave leave and come home from work almost every day

she knows what the word "book" means and often brings them for us to read to her

crazy fun hair!

she loves to be in the kitchen creating all kinds of havoc for me while i cook

it's snowing outside here today
and i hear it's supposed to do the same in the south
hope y'all enjoy it more than me!!! ;)


  1. Loving your new space - esp that sweet header!!

  2. I love all the stribbly hair! The picture of Brighton watching her daddy leave is priceless! I'm a guessing that Dave's heart does a great big flip flop when he sees here looking out the window.

    1. her hair is something else! and she is always pulling her hair ties out and then gets frustrated when it's all in her face lol

  3. Brighton really looks wrapped up in the story. So sweet. Give her a hug and a kiss from me. Loved the pic of her looking out the window. Mummsy

  4. Parla, I know what you mean about winter. We got a layer of new snow last night and I want to scream. My Virginia heart says March means temps above freezing and the grass starting to green up. Not ice, snow, and having to dress in multiple layers to exit the house. Al always tells me the whole "dress warm and you'll be good" thing, but it doesn't work for me either! Anyway, love on that little girl for me. Spring has to be around the corner, doesn't it? LOL Sandra

    1. i sure do hope spring is just around the corner! dave and i are thinking about going on a cruise towards the end of the month...i think we're both going a little stir-crazy!