Saturday, March 9, 2013

i heart faces photo challenge | framed

every so often, I Heart Faces puts on a photo contest
sometime i enter, sometimes i don't
i never win...BUT it's a fun way to push my creative self!
it's also a great place to be inspired by others :)

their current themed challenge is "framed"
i keep seeing these beautiful backlight photos people are doing, and love them!
so i decided to try that out for this challenge

i have much to learn, but ya gotta start somewhere :)
my little beauty posing for a quick second in our kitchen

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  1. That's exactly right, "ya gotta start somewhere!" And just so ya know, I always love your photos!


    1. thanks so much amy :) i sure do enjoy taking them!

  2. I love the little girl in the frame. Mummsy