Saturday, June 30, 2012

our little half pint

Yesterday our sweet little Bump had her 1/2 birthday!
It's hard to believe that we have already enjoyed her cuteness and vibrant personality in our home and in our hearts for half a year already!
To celebrate i made her a mini jello cake :) she loved it!

We love you to bits Bump! Happy Half Birthday :)

Our little half pint:

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Home Sweet Home (part 1)

June 9th, my wonderful hubby, my sweet lil' munchkin, and i headed home for a much anticipated time w/ our families. Dave stayed down for 1 week, and Bump and i stayed down for 2.
We enjoyed every minute!

We spent time w/ my family, w/ his family, and spent a lovely extended weekend in Tennessee camping w/ my mom's extended family (pictures to come in 'part 2')

Bump got in some very much needed time w/ her grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and cousins of varying degrees

The dirt road that leads to the house i grew up in...i'm not sure there is anything more welcoming or beautiful to me! 
How i miss the beautiful hardwoods of Virginia, the mountains surrounding the valley i lived in, the rivers running here and there, and the full lush green grass!

i wasn't the only one who enjoyed the soft lush grass! 

A lazy sunday afternoon...

we attempted a family photo...
 not the best...and autumn is missing...we'll try again next time ;)
left to right: Abe (Bec's bf), Bec, Dave, Me, Christian, Jacki (Christian's gf), Melissa, and Ben

time w/ Dave's wonderful family...

One afternoon they took us up to the cabin where we had a lovely little hotdog lunch, and then we drove back to the fresh water spring just a mile away

Brighton was pretty eager to get her hands on some of that fresh mountain water ;)
(it only looks yellow because Dave mixed it w/ his tea!)

 mmmmmmm :)

while Grandpa and Grandma Sonifrank kept Brighton at the cabin, Dave and i were able to 'escape' for a bit on a little 4-wheeler drive through the woods to do some exploring...we found a few treasures :)

happy wednesday everyone!!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Tuesday I was asked to make cupcakes for a baby shower.
Naturally i went to Pinterist and typed in "baby shower cupcakes"
The ones i liked the most used fondant. 
I've never made, worked with, or seen anyone use fondant in my entire life! 
It's one of those intimidating things that only professionals use, ya know?
Nonetheless, i decided to go for it :)
I searched the internet for recipes and tips on working w/ fondant. 
I collected my ingredients
And, i went to work :)
Let's just say it's a good thing that i started in the morning and that i had the help of a friend in the afternoon!
Talk about time consuming!
But they did turn out to be cute lil' boogers wouldn't ya say?

 In other news, munchkins is pretty excited to for her first flight on Saturday!
Virginia here we come :)

 Bump is quite the lounger when it comes to stroller rides...
feet propped up, head laid back, and ready to roll :)

 peekaboo! cocoon time after bath :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Insecurity and Perfectionism

I’ve never been a writer. 
Sometimes i wonder why i even bother to blog when there are already so many good blogs out there! I read about someone else’s life and am inspired by their beautiful words, pictures, their passion, the things that God is teaching them...and at the same time i set myself up against them, wondering why i can’t be as good at life as they are. 
And then God gently reminds me that my blog is NOT about showing other people how “great” i am; nor is my blog is about “softening” my insecurities through the praises of those who read it. 
How easy it is to look to others for approval rather than the One who really matters!
O to rest in the plans that He has for me!
O to breathe in the security of living for Him alone!
Why is it that i feel the need to compare myself to those around me? Why do i need to be the person who has it all together...the mom who isn’t run ragged, the girl who easily fits a size 6 (ha!), the photographer who takes the best pictures? What is with this perfectionistic complex?!?!
Perfectionism...a battle i’ve fought (or not fought depending on my mood) nearly my whole life. It’s a devil that has truly kept me in chains as i’ve struggled with an eating disorder; as my life was consumed by high school and college, “needing” to go above and beyond in all of my classes; and as my mind is continually a stage for comparison to those around me. 
Recently i read the following: 
Perfectionism is the belief that life is broken.
My need for everything to be “perfect” is actually me judging myself, my loved ones, and my life as not good enough. 
Broken and not good enough??? What kind of attitude is that?!! My life is most certainly good enough! It is more than good enough :) Those around me are more than good enough! They are beautiful and perfect...each one created in the image of God.
These things i know, and have always known. 
But it is still a battle i fight every day. There are days when i don’t fight so well. I give in to my laziness of mind and give Satan free reign to tear myself and sometimes even others down. But today i am reminded that the battle is one that is worth fighting!
When i can accept myself for who God has made me to be, i can truly live life. I can rest in His love for me, and in turn, i can love others honestly and openly, for they too bear His image!
What freedom to love and be loved when our eyes are fixed on Him!

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