Friday, October 25, 2013

life w/ 2 munchkins

my baby boy is already 3.5 weeks old!
it kind of seems like he should be older than that
i think time may go in slow motion when you mostly get 3 hr. segments of sleep
of course during the day he likes to go 4-5 hrs. between feedings

anyways, here's a little look into the last couple of weeks in our lives

Brighton has adjusted so well to a newbie in the house
she doesn't seem to be threatened by Asher at all
i'm guessing it's because she's never been a cuddle bug so she doesn't get jealous of me holding him
she likes to give him kisses
and every now and then she'll hold him for about half a minute :)

storytime! reading him one if her favorites...Gossie 

first bath at home...not impressed lol

i was so grateful to my mom for coming up and spending a week and a half w/ us!
Brighton was in heaven :)

 the Sunday after Asher was born, Mom helped me put together a drop-in baby party
it was fun to have a chance to be creative and celebrate the birth of our perfect little boy

on the menu was:
vanilla and chocolate cake pops
caramel popcorn
party mix
cheese and crackers
pumpkin cream cheese muffins
cinnamon apple ring
citrus punch

 also, while mom was here, she worked on making Asher's baby blanket

Mummsy's little "helper"

the beautiful finished product!

we also took the chance to take a picture of Mummsy and Brighton w/ the baby blanket Mummsy made  for her

Mom, thank you so much for coming up and helping us out!
you are such a blessing!

i must say, having 2 kiddos in the house hasn't been the easiest thing ever
Asher was such a good little baby the first week of his life, but has been getting more and more fussy as time has gone on
that's been hard because i feel like i lost my happy little baby, and i don't know why
he barely cried the first week
now i spend about 2 hrs. every evening trying to console him
it's not constant crying, but about every 5 minutes he just spazzes
he starts crying really hard
his face turns all red and he starts sweating
and he clenches and claws w/ his hands
it's so sad...and tiring!
he's somewhat content throughout the day, but more often than not he wants to be held when he's awake
he also slept better at night early on so i'm feeling more and more exhausted

earlier this week i was having headaches and feeling absolutely awful
i just thought that my body was wussing out on me
hormonal changes, lack of sleep, maybe dehydration
i thought, "great, i'll never be able to have another baby because i obviously cannot handle it!"
turns out i was actually sick...took my temperature yesterday and it was 102
kind of a relief lol ... maybe i can have more kids ;)
anyways, the worst part of the sickness is over, and i'm feeling much much better today! yay!

and to end, just a few more pics...

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

birth announcement

one thing i've always been excited about when my babies are born is designing their birth announcements :)
so much fun!

with this little guy i was also pretty excited about taking his newborn pics
unfortunately he was not so excited lol
i got a few, but he was just not a happy camper that day
he was pretty much awake for 4 straight hours
on the up side, his days and nights are pretty much straightened out now :)

i did get one shot which was perfect for the birth announcement i had in mind for him
i haven't got them printed yet, but hopefully soon!
let me know if you would like one sent your way :)
(also, message me your address if i don't have it)

Asher Dai Sonifrank

as most of you probably know, our beautiful baby boy is here!!!

Asher Dai was born at 5:27 am, September 30, 2013
he was 7 lbs. 13 oz, and 19.5 in. long

he is absolutely as sweet as can be!

Monday morning at 1:30am i woke up not feeling very well
i laid in bed for a bit and realized i might be having contractions
so i got up and puttered around the house a bit waiting to see if they were regular 
after about an hour and a half i was pretty sure i was going into labor
so at 3:00 i woke dave up and we got things together to go to the hospital
and called a friend to come to the house to be w/ Brighton for the rest of the night
we got to the hospital at 4:05
i was 6/7 cm dialated
they called the doctor
i'm not sure what time he got there, but about the time he did my contractions began to become super intense...and of course that's about the time that the nurse wanted to put an IV in my hand
she tried once and missed the vein
needless to say, i didn't let her try again lol
i figured if i seriously needed an IV they could put it in when that time came
plus, i had to push! this baby was coming out whether they were ready or not
i think i may be making a name for myself w/ the doctors here in Red Lake
the baby doctor didn't make it in time for the birth
and the doctor that was there was delivering my baby and calling for the nurses to bring his tray of tools at the same time :)

so i've heard that it gets easier w/ each baby
it may get faster, but i'm pretty sure this birth was even more painful than Brighton's
there was one point at the very end where i just had to scream...i didn't scream when Brighton was born

i would just like to say that natural childbirth may be amazing in that God did design a woman's body to bring new life into this world, but it is also the most awful thing i have ever experienced.
it makes me seriously wonder whether or not i want to have anymore kiddos.
i know i do, but i dread the thought of giving birth to another baby.

on another note, i am very thankful for nitrous oxide!
it doesn't do any good before it gets to the pushing part, but at that point it does take a bit of the edge off!

i started pushing at 5:22
my water broke at 5:25
Asher was born at 5:27

he is perfect in every way
and he's happy!!!
i can't even describe what a blessing it is to have a happy baby
i just want to eat him up all day long
after six months of bouncing a fussy baby when Brighton was born, Asher feels like a dream :)

around 8:00 Molly brought Brighton in to meet her new little brother
she was pretty unsure about him
she went over to him and gave him a kiss 
then she held him for about half a minute
and then she was done
basically wouldn't acknowledge that he was there lol

now that we're home and she's on her own turf, she is doing really good w/ him
she mostly does her own thing, 
but every now and then wants to give him a kiss
and brings his soother over for him when he fusses