Wednesday, April 13, 2011

it's coming!!!

ok, well technically it is already here, but i don't think canada has gotten the memo quite yet...

we woke up to snow falling, and a light dusting on the ground this morning...

nonetheless, i do believe we will eventually see spring...i base my assumptions on a few things...


my african violet is blooming :)


it no longer looks like this outside...there is snow, but it is actually decreasing in volume...we've lost quite a bit over the past week :)

three: i walked to the store wearing only a hoodie yesterday :)

four: fewer and fewer people are trusting the ice road

so yeah, it hasn't gotten here yet, but i do believe it is on it's way :)

in other news, i got a flower pot that i really like...

so cute!!! and notice the cookbook behind it? i have been singing it's praises up here in red lake :) if it's a cookbook you don't have, you should get is by far the most helpful and practical and amazing cookbook i know of

this past weekend dave and i went to winnipeg on a business trip. he needed to pick up some supplies for a job that he is getting ready to do. we had to pull a big trailer behind us...

poor lil' truck :( it was pulling more than it weighted itself! let's just say i have never even come close to getting as bad of gas mileage as we did on this trip!!!!!

stopping to stretch our legs ans snap a picture :)

that's it for now!