Tuesday, September 10, 2013

my little girl had a seizure

last Thursday i had a fussy little girl
it happens
some days are just happier than others in toddlerville 
(well, i guess that's true in adultland as well!)
i probably should have realized that she was getting sick
but i didn't
until that evening when she started feeling extremely warm
i took her temperature and it was a little over 102F
we gave her some tylenol and put her to bed for the night
the next morning she was still burning up
so she got more meds, 
and i was looking forward to a relaxing morning at home w/ a sleepy, cuddly little girl
Brighton is not a cuddler
too much energy
so sometimes it's kind of nice for me when she's not feeling the best because then she lets me hold her a snuggle :)
so that's what we were doing friday morning
i was loving it
and she fell asleep in my arms
so a carried her into our bedroom and laid down on the bed w/ her
we had just been laying there for a couple of minutes when the seizure happened
all of a sudden her little body went stiff and started seizing 
her head arched back
her eyes rolled back
i couldn't tell if she was breathing
i picked her up, ran out to the kitchen, grabbed the phone, and took her back to the bedroom where i called 911
i was so scared, and had no idea what to do
for all i knew, she was dying 
i now know that she wasn't, and that febrile seizures are actually rather common in young children, and that they are pretty much harmless
but i didn't know that then
it was the scariest couple minutes of my life
the paramedics arrived about 5 minutes after i called 911
by then the seizure was over and she was breathing semi-normally again
we went in the ambulance to the ER where we spent the remainder of the morning while they did some tests to make sure everything was ok
it turns out she had an ear infection which led to the fever which led to the seizure

today i am thankful for a healthy, beautiful little girl
(who is currently trying my patience w/ her whiney attitude this morning!)
her fever broke sometime friday night praise the Lord!

exhausted and waiting in the ER

and she's back!!!
:) :) :) crazy as ever :) :) :) 

 (all pictures taken w/ my less than stellar camera phone)


  1. Aw girl, this almost made me cry thinking about how scary those few minutes might have been. I've seen seizures before and they are terrifying, and you feel so helpless. Thank God she's ok! Love you friend!

  2. Wow, dear Parla! I'm fighting the tears! My mother heart aches for you. I felt sick to my stomach as I read your blog. Now I am crying out of relief. Praise be to Jesus for His Grace! I am at a loss for more to say....so I sit and cry and thank the Lord!

    1. amen to that!!! every day w/ these little ones is grace :)