Friday, August 23, 2013

our little virginia trip

this past weekend Dave's sister Angela got married
not only because marriage rocks, but also because it gave us an excuse to go home :)
our trip was short
we were only there for 5 days
but they were days full of family and fun!

Angela asked me if i would make the wedding cake
so w/ the help of my mom, i went for it
it was a small wedding (around 50 people) so i decided to make 3 smaller layered cakes

symphony cake

vanilla cake w/ buttercream frosting

carrot cake w/ cream cheese frosting

the wedding took place back at Dave's parents' cabin
Wesley and Angela love the outdoors and spend a good bit of time back at the cabin
the laid back nature of the wedding and the beautiful outdoor setting fit them perfectly

i didn't do very well at getting pictures of the rest of our time in va, but here are a few...

enjoying the hammock swing

checkin' out the cows

eating grapes w/ Mummsy

Brighton thought the cornhole boards were made as a table just for her lol 

a few of the corn hole spectators
Benjamin - Grandmother - Melissa - Mummsy

Rebecca roasting veggies over the fire for our delicious supper one evening
we had grilled salmon, roasted veggies, corn on the cob, Grammy's amazing pickles, cantaloupe, and fresh grapes off the vine

Brighton quite enjoyed eating corn on the cob!

licking up the last of the cantaloupe juice

thanks to everyone who made our time at home so wonderful!!!
i can hardly wait until next time :)


  1. i couldn't help but notice there were no pictures of me (Ben)

  2. The time went by so quickly. Enjoyed every minute of it. Mummsy

  3. Looks like you had a very nice time. I always enjoy when my girls come home ~ it is always too short, but we try to max the time we have!

  4. Those cakes, especially the love birds cake are magnificent. This was a perfect wedding, look how happy the couple is. LeeAnna Paylor