Tuesday, August 6, 2013

we went camping

this past weekend Dave, myself, Brighton, another couple from here in Red Lake, and their little 2 yr. old Elise did an overnight canoe trip
the days were perfect
the night was a little rough ;)
let's just say neither of our children sleep well when they have free reign to tackle their parents and roll and pounce all over the place rather than being confined to their cribs!

but seriously, the days were absolutely gorgeous!

the little girls seemed to enjoy the canoeing for the most part
both got fussy once it was nap time though
Brighton finally gave in and sacked out on the bottom of the canoe :)
this of course was after she took a dive out of the canoe in the middle of the lake!!!
what would a canoe trip be w/out a dip in the freezing waters of a Canadian lake?
poor little thing was so cold
she just curled up on the bottom of the canoe until we got to a place where we could change her out of her wet clothes
i'm so thankful she had her life jacket on!
no idea what would have happened if she hadn't

one of the best things about a canoe trip?
trail mix :)

 we had a beautiful camping spot for the night and enjoyed a gorgeous sunset :)

here's to hoping the canoe trips continue even after #2 arrives!


  1. Beautiful pictures. Brought back some good memories of about a year ago.

  2. What a fun trip!! Looks like Brighton had a blast :)