Monday, September 23, 2013

iphone pics from the year so far

excuse the quality of the following pics
neither dave nor i are so hot at taking pics w/ the phone lol
some people's iphone pics are amazing
don't know how they do it
but ours sure aren't!
nonetheless, our phone has captured a few moments over this past year that i want to share :)

dave and i back in january when we found out we were pregnant w/ baby #2!

Bump and her lovely bag of stinky diapers lol

crazy morning hair

somebody tried to drink dad's coffee lol

ready for church

blowing snot bubbles

too cool for school w/ dad's safety glasses

1st ever happy meal


evening at the park

daddy and his little girly

Costa Rica w/ Bump #1 and Bump #2

little ears just a hurtin' from the changing air pressure

airplane ride @ Norseman Days in Red Lake

Brighton loved the rides at the fair this year

taking a family picture in the ferris wheel

we have this amazing tradition that we started this summer
every sunday morning we go on a family walk up to Tim Horton's for breakfast
i think dave and i would both say it's one of our favorite parts of the week
relaxing, refreshing, fun, and yummy!

and just this week Dave officially became a Canadian citizen!!!
my 2 Canadians :)


  1. "Sugar and Spice and everything nice.".....well maybe not the dirty diapers and snot.

  2. Enjoyed them all. The family picture on the ferris wheel is great. Mummsy