Monday, December 12, 2011

38 weeks

we have had a pretty neat winter so far this year :) it's been cold, but not much snow! it's been nice not having to wear boots's fun for a while, but after 4 months of wearing the same boots over and over and over, it gets a little old ;)

also, because of the lack of snow, the ice on the lake is clear...makes it look so pretty :) usually it's completely white, but this winter there have been a couple of days where people have been able to ice skate anywhere on the lake w/out having to sweep snow :) i think people are saying the ice is around 8 inches thick at the moment

yesterday was a gorgeous day and my sweet sweet hubby took the time to take a few more pregnancy pics w/ me :)

in case you can't tell from the smiles on our faces, we are so so excited and happy about that little bump on my belly :)

38 weeks :)


  1. the ice pics are fun!! love the bump...soon we'll be seeing pics of the baby (=

  2. Parla, We are so happy for you and Dave! Praying that all goes well and you adjust quickly to being a family of 3! So glad you captured some beautiful maternity photos!