Thursday, December 1, 2011

this and that...'s december!!!! anyone know what that means???? baby is due this month!!
3.5 weeks 'til "d-day" :)

this past saturday...hubby and i got ready for baby :)
i think we're all set least as far as the house goes...who knows about the rest lol

despite the fact that dave is a carpenter, i never have tools around the house when i need them. he takes them all to work. after several times of me asking him to bring home a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, etc, he decided to get me some tools of my own :) not only that, but i got his old tool belt as well :)
so, here are me and bump, sporting our new duds...
35 weeks, 6 days

in other news..."it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas."
i don't have many Christmas decorations yet, but what i do have i love :)

also, this morning we woke up to a frozen lake...

it'll be close to another month until we can drive on it, but no more open water for approximately 5 months

and i'll leave you w/ my favorite Christmas song this year... "Let it be Christmas" by Alan Jackson


  1. Oh Parla, how exciting! Your tool belt is fabulous, go ahead and girlify it! ;)
    Glad to hear you're still feeling good! xoxox

  2. I am counting down the weeks. Can't wait.