Sunday, June 19, 2011

dinner date and a picture from home

every friday or saturday night dave does something special for a date night :)
often we order pizza and get a movie
sometimes we go out to eat
if we are out of town we like to try different ethnic restaurants
and once in a while we cook together :) that's what happened yesterday :)
if your hubby enjoys cooking, this makes such a fun date!!!

we come up w/ four courses.
last night we decided to go with:
1. appetizer
2. main course
3. side dish
4. dessert

he made the appetizer and main course. i made the side dish and dessert.
usually we spend a bit of time checking out the internet for fun and new recipes, then we go to the grocery store to pick up anything we are missing, and then we get started :)

my handsome hubby lookin' so good in the kitchen ;)

and the finished products:

french onion soup made from scratch w/ broiled cheesy bread on top

blackened basa

curried cauliflower and green beans

mango sticky rice w/ toasted sesame seeds
(except my mango wasn't ripe enough so i used a peach)

we've definitely come up w/ some winners doing date nights like this!!!! :)

and last but not least, my picture from home...

my awesome siblings :)
this picture was taken last week while i was home
it was so so so so good to see my family again!


  1. Looking forward to some of the awesome cooking in August.

  2. A weekly date night is a keeper!

  3. I like your cooking dates! I need to try to implement that at our house. Thanks for sharing!


  4. I love that picture. Who's camera is it and can I get a print? We really enjoyed our breakfast with all you kids. That don't happen very often. Love you, Grammy.