Saturday, June 11, 2011

our lil' canoe trip

before i came home for my grandfather's funeral, dave and i went on a lil' canoe/camping trip
it was fun...but also very miserable lol
the forecast had called for a fairly warm weekend, but it didn't exactly turn out that way...

-the first day we were paddling into 20 kph winds
-it dropped below freezing the night we camped in our little tent
-it rained and the sun didn't shine our 2nd day of paddling
-also, we've had a lot of rain recently, so the portage trails were pretty muddy and mucky
-but we survived!!!!!

i think next time we go, we'll make sure the weather is going to be a good bit warmer though!

i guess the way it looked out our window the morning we left should have been a hint...

just before we put in

first day :)

my handsome canoe partner :)

this little portage trail got taken over by a rushing river...
we made it across w/out getting to wet though :)

happy to be on solid ground and sooooooooo ready for a nice hot fire!!!

trying to thaw out a bit :)
the island must get used quite often as a stopping point...there were all kinds of little tables, a nice cleared flat spot for our tent, and even a fire ring :)

off to the bush to do my business ;)
not sure why dave took this picture, but he did lol

frying eggs in a mountain pie iron for breakfast :)
amazing little contraptions they are!!!!
we made pizza pockets and eggs sandwiches using them

parting shot...
the little island where we spent the night :) so cute!

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