Friday, June 24, 2011


it's true!!!!!!
if you get married, and God blesses you with children, 1+1 will eventually equal 3...then 4, 5, 6, etc. ;)

for those of you who might not have heard yet, dave and i are expecting a mini-sonifrank sometime in december!!!
according to the ultrasound i had this morning, i am 13 weeks, 5 days today, thus making the due date december 25...eek!!! poor child! i always pitied kids who were born right on or around christmas...they're birthdays always seemed to get lost in the hubub and excitement of christmas...i'm going to do my best not to let that happen though!!!

we are so so so excited!!!

the beginnings of a baby bump :)

and now the ultrasound pics...
i cannot even come close to describing what it was like to see my baby for the first time...the first thing we saw was his lil' backbone...and he sure did look boney!!! the little spine looked like it was just a jutting out of his back. he was super active, so we got to see him from all angles :) o, and in case you haven't picked it up from my use of pronouns yet, the sonographer thinks it's a boy :)

profile picture...head is to the right with his little footsies stickin' straight up

check out those cute lil feet!!! you can see the whole bottom of his foot on the top one, and the other is curled to the side...o yes, and there is a slight hint of a butt there to the right :)

and lastly, a view from the top that lets you see his cute lil' fingers

it is just so hard to believe that there is a little being growing inside of me...and that he's already over 3 inches long!!!
we got to hear his heart beat this morning too!!! 147 beats per minute.
it's so incredible to think that all his major organs are already functioning. i can't help but feel completely awed by God and the miracle of life that is taking place inside of me! sum, dave and i are completely thrilled, nervous, excited, hopeful, rejoicing, etc.
we would so appreciate any prayers offered on our behalf...for safety for myself and the baby, and more than anything else that he and i will always be humbled before our God, constantly seeking His wisdom and direction in pointing our children continually to Him


  1. Congratulations Dave and Parla!! So excited for you!

  2. Thanks for the pics of baby Sonifrank, so excited.


  3. congratulations to you! how exciting!!

  4. Congratulations, Dave and Parla!! That is very exciting news! :D

  5. So happy for you both! And appreciate your prayer request!!

  6. Parla, congratulations to you and Dave! What an amazing blessing to you both!!! You're going to be fabulous parents :)

  7. Whooooo Peeeeee! I love baby news. Parla this Auntie will be praying for you as this "Baby Bump" grows. I'm trying to visualize my baby sister as a granny!

  8. LOL a late January baby is always better!!! Congrats!!

  9. What a blessing children are! I'm so excited for you and Dave. Sandra

  10. I'm behind the news, Parla..just saw this this morning. Congrats. It is an amazing experience. Leslie Herr