Tuesday, March 6, 2012

and march begins....

We've spent a good amount of time over at the house so far this month. Dave has wrapped up some other jobs, so he has finally got to focus a bit more on our house :) yay!!!

He has begun to trim out the entryway...so excited about it! We are going for a clean/rustic look. The trim is fir, stained w/ ebony. He made me a large window sill for plants. :)

My staining/polyurethaning room...also known as the baby room :)

Kitchen cabinets going in. 

I finished painting the living room last week--2 tan walls and 1 chocolate wall.

Brighton gets to hang out on the floor or in her car seat while we work. 

 tuckered out after a long day of work

 look Dad, i'm standing!!!!!

 Sunday afternoon our friend Diana organized a snowshoeing trek and campfire for the youth group. 
 Dave and I went along while Kendall and Karen (the other youth leaders) babysat Brighton. 

 strapping up

 snowshoeing over the frozen lake on a perfect winter day :)

hubby and me :)

warming up and making smores!!!

 Kendall and Karen brought Brighton out for her first winter bonfire

i think she liked it ;)


  1. The house is looking wonderful and how cool little B is experiencing life in Canada... little eskimo!
    xoxo, Amy

  2. I sat here and chuckled as I saw Brighton "standing", and out by the fire. So sweet. Looks like the house is coming right along. Mummsy

  3. Better get the paint on the walls before she starts rolling! You'll never keep her on the little mat after that ;) I wish I could see her smiling in real life! It's great to see pictures, though.