Monday, March 12, 2012

a sunday stroll

We had a BEAUTIFUL day here in Red Lake yesterday. It actually got up into the 50s!!!! So, Dave and I decided to take Brighton out for a nice little Sunday stroll. 

We got her little buggy at a yard sale this summer for $20. It worked great! The sidewalks around here are terrible, but w/ the tires on this thing, off-roading it is no problem :)

Making a little stop at her daddy's car wash to pump up the tires.

 He takes such good care of her :)

 We also made a stop at the house...
 Brighton hung out in her stroller while we checked out the inside. 

 Looks pretty shady on the outside, but the inside sure is looking amazing! 
We are hoping to move in next weekend!
pictures to come :)

Sights along the way...
 melting snow :)

 up on a hill, overlooking the frozen lake

 buried in the snow

With these warmer days, the ice road is getting a little slushy....come on spring!!!!
It's still drivable, but probably won't be in another couple of weeks. 

I tell you what, I sure am getting spring fever! After a day like yesterday, I sure am hoping winter is calling it quits. Last year we had snow falling through April, and the ice didn't leave until May. 
An early spring/summer sure would do wonders for this southern girl's heart :)


  1. Parla, I'm amazed at how you and I both have the same living conditions as far as weather goes. We still have snow on the ground here in Eureka. Oh how I long to run barefoot in the new green grass,hear the river pass by, look upon and smell the daffodiles and the freshness of spring back in VA. BUT, God has you and me living in the community where we are for a reason :) I had a dream about you and your dear family last night. Can't remember what it was but, it made me miss you :) Love ya girl, Sheri

  2. That looked like a cold walk. The pictures of the snow made it look cold. I guess 50 is pretty warm.