Sunday, July 31, 2011

19 weeks

we have a mango baby this week :)

it has been so fun dreaming about this lil' guy and planning for him :)

i'm planning on having a giraffe themed baby mom and sisters are coming up next week, and they are suppossed to be bringing me a 5 ft. stuffed giraffe that i ordered from Timeless Toys... an amazing lil' shop!!!! can't wait to get our new house started and the decorating under way!!

dave and i were so blessed this past weekend to find a stroller, high chair, playpen, johnny-jump-up, and some clothing items at yard sales on saturday!!! up until now i have not been very impressed w/ the yard sales that happen up here in red lake (there are usually only 3-5 each weekend, and a lot of the stuff is pretty junky), but 2 of them this weekend had items that suited our baby needs!!! the one yard sale was even free!!! hard to beat :)

thanx to all that have been keeping dave and i and our little mango in your prayers!!! as far as we know all is going well w/ the lil' fellow...can't wait to meet him!!!!

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