Thursday, July 28, 2011

baby blanket

i haven't done a lot of crocheting lately, but one project i have been working on is a baby blanket for our up and coming munchkin :)

i started it soon after we found out we were pregnant...not knowing the gender of squeakums yet, i decided to go w/ greens.

i'm so happy w/ how it turned out!
now just 5 more months 'til i can wrap him all up in it :) :) :) :)


  1. Your baby blanket did turn out so nice. Can't wait to hold this precious little one. See you soon. Mummsy

  2. Nice art work.
    So I met a perfect stranger today from Red Lake. When I inquired about you, not only did he know you, but he said your coming down tomaro.......Oh wait, its like 2 in the morning. So mabe I'll see you today. YES

  3. are ya gonna get that corn hole game home so we can have a tournament during apple butter boilin'?