Monday, July 18, 2011

corn hole & the 17 week baby bump

over a year ago, dave and i started building a corn hole game...somewhere along the way we lost motivation to finish them...and they sat and sat and sat

i am happy to say that they are once more on their way to becoming complete :) :) :)

saturday we worked on the finish layers of paint and now we are in the process of finishing them off w/ several coats of sealant (or however you spell that)

happy to be working together, to have warm weather, and to be almost done!!!!

and to finish off the post...

the 17 week baby bump :) he's just a growin' in there!!!!
he's the size of a large purple onion this week :)

praising God for a good and healthy pregnancy so far!!!!


  1. Yayy for purple-onion baby, corn hole, & BENJAMIN's engagement!! :)

  2. Can I come play it sometime?