Saturday, September 11, 2010

i have fought a good fight, i have finished my course

yesterday i went to stormer lake for the akwachink run-in :) it was a slightly miserable day. it was raining. it was cold. and the poor kids had to run several kilometers in it...but they did it! they finished the course :)

this is the finish line :) i remember running under the same sign 6 years ago! CRAZY!!! i wanted to post some pictures from my akwachink, but unfortunately they're in va somewhere :(

andrew miller was the first one to make he comes!!!
there was a group of us standing out in the rain to cheer them to the finish :)

and here comes my rain-drenched sister, leaping and bounding across the line :)

it's a good feeling :)

after the whole group got in, cleaned up and showered, we had a banquet for them. we had crescent rolls with butter and jelly, salad, sunday chicken and rice, peas and carrots, and blueberry delight...considering how much they ate, i think they really enjoyed it :) so now for the next week the akwachinkers will be having classes down at stormer lake. dave teaches on tuesday evening, so we'll be heading down to see them again :) yay!!!!

and a lil' side note here...can you tell what it is? he kind of blends in with the road...

on the way home from stormer, we saw a black bear running across the road, and not a minute later we saw this poor thing on the road :(

he got smashed :( it's actually pretty scary driving up here at night. there are a lot of animals out at night, and you usually can't see them until you are about on top of them...dave has pretty amazing lights on the top of his truck though, so i'm thankful for that!!!


  1. omgosh what a horrible sight :( poor bear -mandy

  2. So good to finally see that autumn is actully alive, after going so long with out hearing from her! miss that girl!

  3. So neat you and Autumn get to see each other. I am jealous. Mom