Wednesday, September 8, 2010

painting project :)

one of the first things that dave and i did when we got here to his lil' apartment in canada was to paint the upstairs bedroom that he built for me :)

this is the room before we started. when i got here he had all the drywall finished, and the room was primed and ready to go!!!

us getting ready to paint :)

my amazingly talented husband...he can do pretty much everything...he paints. he builds. he cleans. he cooks. he washes dishes. he buys me flowers. he loves me :) i like him :)
in case you're wondering, i helped paint the room too...he just didn't take any pictures

so here is out room...all done it just needs to be trimmed, a lil' bit of decorating, and a lil' bit of furniture...i'll be sure to post pics when it's finished!!!

yesterday was our one month baby got me flowers :) mmmmmmm.... :)


  1. Very happy for u. May God Bless u both greatly and I really like the color that u put in the room.

  2. Its amazing that he could remember something like that being a man and all!! LOL

  3. I didn't realize you could see the lake from your apartment. What fun to see your little home developing. And the flowers seem so bright and vibrant. Mummsy Dear

  4. My brother is pretty amazing, isn't he ;) Glad he has you, Parla. Sandra