Monday, September 6, 2010

lil' things

i had such a good weekend w/ my baby :) he's so good to me :) we got a lot done, and had fun working and playing together! the main project we worked on was an island that he is building me for the kitchen, but i'm going to wait until it's completely done to post pics :)

saturday morning we got up, lazed around a bit, and then went garage saling...not going to lie, this bachelor pad is in major need of some fixing up!!! we were on the lookout for furniture, but didn't find anything :( we need a desk, a dresser, a night stand, a kitchen cabinet type thing, a coffee table would be nice... *sigh* ... all in good time :)

we did make one lil' purchase that i was happy about :) ... $3

a little veggie stand thingy :) it was all in a cardboard box, so this def. looks a lot better :)

also, the other day i found a lil spice rack at a 2nd hand store for $8

so saturday i had fun making a mess w/ our spices :) .... but the mess looks good now, and feels much more organized :)

it's missing one of the little jar thingys, but it works!!!

and one last lil' thing from the weekend...these pretty yellow flowers grow on top of a wall outside of our pretty :) i couldn't quite reach them on top of the wall, but my 6' 3" husband could so he cut them for me :) enjoying them immensely!!!


  1. Welcome to Red Lake! Hope that you are enjoying the sunshine today!

  2. I enjoy seeing your little home come alive.

    Love ya, MOM

  3. I LOVE your creations Parla!!! It looks amazing!! I think it will be time for a trip soon!!!! I miss you and I am so LOVING THIS BLOG!!! LOVE YOU

  4. Parla, I sure am enjoying your blog. I will be looking forward to the pictures of your kitchen island! That cute little veggie stand thingy could also be used for flower pots.
    -Aunt Coleen

  5. Parla, I am enjoying your pictures! Keep up the good work. I am anxious to see pictures of your home :) Love you, Grammy