Friday, September 17, 2010

happy bday baby :)

today is my baby's bday :)

i've heard that the older you get, the less exciting bdays are...i assume this is because people are not too fond of the idea of losing their youthfulness...i think we need to get this idea out of our heads...we may loose physical youthfulness, but each year brings so many new and exciting changes as well :) we learn new things. we experience new things. we meet new people. we see new places. we grow spiritually. we gain wisdom, understanding and knowledge. we are given new opportunities. we live life :)

bdays are a chance to celebrate life.
bdays are a reminder of the gift that we have been given in life.
bdays are an opportunity to let someone know how much you appreciate that their life has intertwined with your life.

i am so glad that my baby was born and am already enjoying celebrating his life today :)
i got up early this morning to make him a breakfast of fried potatoes, eggs over easy, italian sausage, toast, a blueberry muffin, orange juice and coffee...along w/ a card :)

he's at work now, and i've been working on his bday present this morning...

i'm so excited w/ how it turned out!!!
for anyone who doesn't know, dave is a gummy candy fanatic :)

ok, now shhhhhhh...don't tell! i haven't given it to him yet :)


  1. Tell Dave Happy Birthday for me. Let him know, however, that I'm still the oldest and the boss :) Sandra