Wednesday, September 15, 2010

moose...mooses...meese :)

i so wish the plural of moose was meese...but it's not :(

i like moose :) they are beautiful animals!!! and i got to see one last night :) absolutely amazing creatures!!! in fact, part of the theme of my kitchen is moose :)

these mugs were probably my favorite wedding gift :) thanx gwen!!!!
so you remember how i said that i am very thankful for the big lights on our truck?

well, last night these lights came in very, very handy...we were driving back from stormer lake, and all of a sudden our lovely lights let us see a big ol' moose standing in the middle of the road. i couldn't get a picture of him, so i googled moose images to find one that looked like him.

he was absolutely beautiful!!!! i think his antlers were about this big, and he had a sleek shiny black coat...very pretty, but also makes them very difficult to see at night!

here is another google image to kind of give you an idea what they look like, and how big they are!!! dave said they weigh around 1500 lbs.

i remember my first encounter with a moose on the road...a very scary moment!!! it was back when dave and i were dating and he had picked me up from the airport and we were on our 4 hr. drive from the airport to red lake. it was late. we were ready to get where we were going. it was very dark...but thankfully he had his lights on the truck!!! all of a sudden we saw a huge moose just standing, facing us in the middle of the road. the thing didn't budge. it was like a boulder plopped in the middle of the road. thanx to God, and to dave's quick reaction time we swerved around it...there was absolutely no way we could have stopped before getting to it...definitely left my heart beating for a bit!!!

so last night was my 2nd encounter with a moose on the road. we were coming back from stormer lake where dave taught 2 spiritual formation classes for the akwachinkers. we were going a bit slower this time and were able to stop before we got to the moose. the moose acted a bit confused...dave said that they can tend to be pretty stupid when they're in rut. anyways, the moose started walking away from the truck, and then he turned around and started running towards us! then he turned again. then he came back at us. he did this several times, and one time his antlers definitely came within a yard of our windshield!!! talk about up close and personal!!! it was a slightly scary but very cool experience :)

in other news, dave is going to take me moose hunting this fall :) basically, i get to drive and he gets to shoot the moose, but i'm excited :)

now ya'll might get a bit tired of me posting pictures like this...but in case you didn't notice from the picture with the truck lights, the sunrise over the lake this morning was absolutely gorgeous!!!!

hard not to share something which speaks so beautifully of our amazing and loving Creator!!!

and lastly here...last night i had to say goodbye to these two beautiful ladies :( it has been so good to get to see them on and off this past week!!! this picture was taken here at our apartment :) they got to come over for a bit on sunday :) made me a very very very very happy wifey :)


  1. What a creative God we serve!! I always love the sunsets/rises here in Michigan, too. That is one thing God has given the mountainless people ;) But to often I find myself wishing for the mountains! Ungrateful, aren't I?!?! Sandra

  2. and then goodbye and then goodbye and then goodbye again and then we parted w/ just a wave! Imagine that. :) so good to see you too.