Friday, September 10, 2010

out our window

one thing that i was super excited about when i moved up to canada was knowing that i was going to have a beautiful view of the lake out of our apartment window...

the one downside is all of the power lines...and then every now and then we get a string of laundry hung out to dry that goes right across our view...but other than that, i'm def. enjoying it!

the sun rises over this section of the lake, and every now and then i somehow pull myself out of bed early enough to see it :)
the good news is that the sunrise is getting later and later so i'm getting to see it a lot more often now :) in the middle of winter the sunrise won't happen until after 8...those are going to be some short days!!!!

there are a good many planes that land and take off from the section of red lake that we see out of our window

last weekend there was a huge fishing contest that took place here in red lake. i didn't get up early enough to see all of the boats, but that morning dave went to the coffee shop and bought me a latte, and he said that there were around 140 fishing boats on the lake. he took these pics :)


  1. I love those two pictures of the fishing boats and that sunrise is beautiful! Adriana

  2. These pics a really nifty with the fog. Like out of a magazine. Mom

  3. That is one memory of Canada I have - the sound of planes taking off, and watching boats on the water. Makes me want to go back to Poplar Hill! Love you guys! Sandra

  4. Parla, I was so excited to see a picture of Autumn! So glad she made it =) Miss you all and glad to hear you are well! I love the fog pictures....they need to be framed!