Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the seventh of august, two thousand and ten

i think to get things started here, it would be a good thing to start at the very beginning of the existence of mrs. parla cline sonifrank, so we're going to rewind a bit to one of the best days of my life--august 7, 2010...our wedding day

it was a perfect day...looking back, there is nothing i would change. everything was beautiful. we were surrounded by our amazing friends and family. and i believe with all my heart that God was smiling :)
the picture above was taken when we first saw each other. we met in the middle of the little dirt road that goes by the front of our house.

my cousin jolene powell made our bouquets...they were gorgeous! absolutely loved them! the colors for our wedding were black, charcoal gray, and green; and my dress was ivory.

my shoes were green :)

my two sisters were my bridesmaids, and we all had different shoes. rebecca and autumn both wore different dresses. rebecca's dress was black with charcoal accents, and autumn's dress was charcoal with black accents.

after dave and i saw each other for the first time, we headed out to the field with our lovely wedding party to take pics. granddaddy let us use his old model A as a prop :)

we had so much fun taking pictures. our photographers were rebecca downs and kelly starke, both girls that i met during my four years at bridgewater college. kelly graduated two years before me, and rebecca will be graduating two years after me. they had never met prior to my wedding, but worked wonderfully together :)

fun shots:

family pics:

my family

his family

the ceremony was held in weaver's mennonite church, and the reception was in the building right beside the church called "shady oaks."

hope helmuth put together these beautiful flower arrangements at the last minute to hang from the benches going down the center isle. they are made from limelight hydrangeas, one of my absolute favorites!

the ceremony started with prelude music by a friend, wesley dunlap (piano) and my brother benjamin's girlfriend, melissa gingerich (cello).
following the prelude, melissa and benjamin sang the song "arms of love" by kutless while wes and my cousin hannah helmuth accompanied them on the piano and violin.
mike yutzy, one of the groomsmen then gave the greeting and lead praise and worship. we sang "revelation song," "the stand," and "the love of God." chalee helmuth played piano and helped with vocals. lemuel yutzy played lead guitar. micah heatwole played base guitar. and dietrich rhodes played djembe.
the other groomsman, kevin miller, then gave the message.
after the message, both of our immediate families joined us on stage. then benjamin, rebecca, and autumn, three of my siblings sang the song "one voice." on the fourth verse our families both joined in, and then my siblings sang the fifth verse.
our families then remained on stage as dave and i said our vows to each other.

so, we said our vows, and kevin gave a blessing and pronounced us husband and wife!!!! yay!!!

"you may now kiss the bride." :) :) :)
we walked out to "something beautiful" by the newsboys, and our families followed us out.

the reception was a lot of fun too. i had asked several of my family/friends to sing while we were eating. my sisters did a song, my florida friends did several, 3n1 did two songs, my mom and her sisters sang "when we all come together," my cousins sheri and hannah and their mom did two songs, and then on a whim three of my siblings and two of my cousins did an acapella number for us :)
there was a lot of work that went into the reception, and i had so many faithful friends and family who helped out...such a blessing!

the meal consisted of a a variety of foods that have come from a variety of recipes from friends and was so so so so good :)

wanda, the lady that i have worked with for the town of bridgewater for the past three summers worked with a bunch of my friends to create beautiful centerpieces for the tables at the reception. half of the tables had these leafy green bouquets, and the other half of the tables and bouquets of black and white balloons.

at each of the plates there was a piece of rock candy which invited our guests to enjoy a candy buffet as a way for us to return the favor of them blessing our day with their presence.

also on the tables when the guests came in were salad, rolls, and pickles. i wanted to do that so that people would have something to munch on while they waited to go through the buffet line.

one little fun feature we had at our wedding was a photobooth :)

when we left the wedding reception, we had everyone take baloons from the tables and let them go when we walked out

and we road off in the bumper seat of granddaddy's ol' model a :) a picture perfect day :)

as i was planning our wedding, my constant prayer was that God would constantly take it all back from me, that it would be his day, and that our wedding would bring honor and glory to him. it was a day full of fun, love, beauty, laughter, and worship...i think he answered my prayer :)


  1. We enjoyed being with you and Dave on your special day. These pictures brought back a lot of fond memories. And I'll enjoy hearing more about your life as a wife!

  2. Congratulations! I'm glad you were pleased with the flowers. Great color choice! The heart flowers that Hope made were beutiful! What a neat idea to do the candy table and the funny picture area. I wish I could have been there. May you both be blessed with many wonderful years and make many wonderful memories together. -----Jolene

  3. Parla!!
    George and I were blessed to be at your wedding and share in your and Dave's special day!! Congratulations!!!!!! The pictures are absolutely amazing and beautiful!! I cannot wait to hear more about your adventures!! I miss you greatly!! Much love and God Bless!!!