Wednesday, December 15, 2010

what a man :)

i got a good one :)
i have just been so blessed by him lately!!!
one thing dave told me before we got married is that he wanted to give me a date night every far he has done really really well.
this past week he asked me if we could make supper together for our date. we had so much fun :) we wrote 4 different courses on little slips of paper, and then each took 2 and made those. we had an appetizer, a main dish, a side dish, and a salad. i got the appetizer and side dish. he got the main dish and the salad.
we didn't tell each other what we were going to make, we just went to the store, picked up any ingredients that we were missing, and started cooking :)

this was the result :)

this is the appetizer i made. it's an ethiopian lentil dish served w/ warm injera bread.

dave made us some amazing salads!!! fresh lettuce and spinach, red peppers, bacon, onion, and feta cheese...served w/ his very own homemade hot bacon and mustard dressing :)

for the main dish, he marinated chicken breasts, seared them, and then baked them with salsa and feta cheese...amazing!!

and lasty we have the side dish...bang bang shrimp :) we absolutely love this dish! i had never attempted it before, but it actually turned out amazingly good! we had it for the first time on our honeymoon at the fishbone grill. i did a little googling, found a recipe, and tried it out :)

it was such a fun date night :)

so just in case you haven't quite got the hint that i love my husband and that he is pretty much the best thing that's ever happened to me...

the other day he surprised me with a baby poinsettia when he came home from work :) i kept oohing and ahhing over them when we were in winnipeg...i guess he picked up the hint :)

the little candy dispenser beside the poinsettia was made by my grandaddy :) notice how full it is in this picture...

and how empty it is in this picture :(
unfortunately i absolutely love m&ms...and unfortunately dave isn't a big fan
it's just so convenient to pull that lil' handle when i walk past!!! lol


  1. Hello yumminess!!! Especially that appetizer and that salad...mmmm. :)

  2. your so cute par :) so glad your loving your husband i do think they are best that way :) hope u have a great Christmas!
    -crystal oles(farney)

  3. When the two of you come at Christmas I would love for one of you to make that bang, bang shirmp. Can't wait. MOM

  4. Dan just forbid me to read this blod any more...because He Says, it makes him look bad!=)))