Tuesday, December 7, 2010

it's finished!!!!

perhaps you remember my post from a while back about the quilt that mom and i were making for her new book...well, it is now complete!!!

it began as a pile of 45 fabric strips

then we cut it into quadrilaterals...6 of each fabric

we then laid all of the pieces out on the floor so that we could begin to sew!!!

first order of business was to piece the quadrilaterals together to form triangles

which were then sewn into strips
we then sewed strips together, added the border, and quilted it :)

what can i say? my mom is pretty amazing :)
the pattern is available at her website: http://www.delightfulpiecing.com/


  1. that is one of the prettiest patterns I've ever seen. I'll have to consider that for my next quilt. I love the more random all mixed up designs.

  2. What a neat mother/daughter project! Yes I agree your mom is one amazing lady and I'm so glad I can call her sister. And you know what else? You're one amazing niece.
    This week it is so COLD here in Delaware. Sure hope you keep snuggly warm way up there in Canada!
    Love You, Aunt Polly Wolly