Monday, December 20, 2010

o christmas tree, o christmas tree...

saturday i came home from a church tea party to this poor little thing...

i'd been oohing and ahhing over cute little christmas trees when dave and i went to winnipeg, so i guess dave took a hint :) he went out and found this little booger half buried under the snow and brought it home for me.

he asked me if i would help him decorate it using whatever we could find around the house...he ordered an amazing mediterranean pizza for supper, and then we set to work :)

it was fun trying to be creative with what we had around...and i think it turned out pretty cute :)
we made little gingerbread man ornaments, strung popcorn, and made an angel out of tissue paper :)

a perfect first christmas tree :)

i used the extra gingerbread men to spice up my soon-to-be-painted crosscut saw :)


  1. A fine touch to warm up your home.

  2. I love your creative "date" ideas- great inspiration for old married ladies like me. :) You guys are too cute and the tree is too! :) Merry Christmas! Candice M

  3. Awww, such a cute tree!!

  4. love the tree! yall are so creative! ~Mandie Weaver :)