Wednesday, December 8, 2010

christmas decorations :)

i so love decorating!!!!
this past weekend my hubby and i went to winnipeg where he let me pick up a few things to decorate for christmas :) yay!

this is my absolute favorite :)
a moose!!!!

isn't he a cutie?

i have him set in our window seal with some greenery that i picked up

i got the greenery at walmart, and it's so perfect...i just love the snow-dusted pinecones and the little red berries that run all through it

it was a 9 ft. piece so i even had enough to put in our other window :)

also, we have a lovely wreath on our front door that my baby picked up for me last week as part of our date night :) he was so so sweet :)
he had me go upstairs to our bedroom while he set up our date downstairs. he bought this wreath and some christmas lights to decorate, and served me a lovely chinese meal :)

this is above our tv

i don't remember where i picked up this little snowman candle, but i think it's a cutie too :)

now, i know this isn't exactly "christmasy" but it is a decoration!!! i saw it while we were shopping in winnipeg and loved it! it is so rich in color and texture, and it just makes me happy :) it was a really good price for an original painting so my baby said it could be an early christmas present for me!!! :) yay!

it's pained on canvas, but i'm not exactly sure what kind of paint was used...i'm guessing acrylic or oil...isn't the texture amazing??

and lastly, here is our lovely lake :) as you can see, people have been out on it already...not w/ vehicles yet, but w/ snow mobiles! and this morning i saw a man walking across it :)


  1. Hey Parla, did the snowman candle come from Brenda?? I have one just like it & am thinking maybe she gave them to us one year at the G.P. supper??? Love your decorations BTW! Chelle

  2. haha yea, i was thinking the same thing about that snowman candle. love The moose! def a cutie :) joy

  3. you are really getting the Christmas spirit. Wish it would rub off on me. Hope to get the tree this weekend. Can hardly believe Christmas is so close. Love your decorations. Love you Grammy

  4. Parla, Ilove your blog. I can't believe this college girl has become so domesticated. Love you and looking forward to seeing the two of you at Christmas. Grandmother

  5. Your little home looks so cozy. Hope some day to see it. Love Mom