Wednesday, December 1, 2010

to one of my best friends in the world.....

when i went home a couple of weekends ago, i went for my dear amber's wedding.
on november 6, she married her best friend--nate king
so excited that we get to be newlyweds together!!!! if only we were a bit closer...

this is amber and i 4 years ago, the christmas right after i got back from nicaragua

this is the fearsome foursome :) - andrea rhodes, sheri helmuth, amber king, and parla sonifrank
we grew up in church together and have been best friends ever since...we don't get to go over to each others houses after church anymore or hang out at school together, but every year we make it a point to take a mini-vacation to catch up on each others lives

we've went to va beach a couple of years; one year we went out to michigan; and the past lil while we've been going to a lake in wva.
these 2 pics were from our michigan trip (2008)

while i was in nicaragua, andrea got married.
the wedding was outside at her parents house. how i wish i could have been there!!! that was 4 years ago, and just this year seth and andrea were blessed w/ a beautiful baby girl!

baby ava :) she's a cutie! right along with her new auntie amber!!!

so then there was a bit of a gap...but a lil' over 4 years after andrea married her man, i married mine :)
my 3 beautiful ladies takin' advantage of the photobooth at our wedding :)

3 months later, it was amber's turn :)
i had so much fun at her wedding! it brought back so many memories...and marriage has been so much fun...couldn't help but be super excited for her!!!!

she did an amazing job of making everything absolutely beautiful!
when we first came downstairs for the reception, we walked through a hallway full of all kinds of goodies--hot chocolate, cappuccino, iced coffee, iced chai, chocolates, cookies, sparkling cider, and regular and decaf coffee

the reception was so elegantly, white and silver

we gave her a lovely veil to wear during rehearsal :)
giving the bride away

getting ready the day of the wedding....pretty much beyond excited :)

she was stunning :)

the following pictures were taken by lana whetzel:

the happy couple :)

and i was so blessed to have been asked to be a bridesmaid!!! along with the other 2 of the fearsome foursome, heidi king, and dianne eberly

here's to the fearsome foursome and the amazing friendship that God has blessed us with!!!

i love you amber! i think of you often and hope that you are enjoying your new marriage as much as i am ;)


  1. Awwwww Par!!! I want to cry and laugh all at the same time :) :) Such wonderful memories come rushing back reading your post and looking at the pics!!!! :) SOOOO Special! If only we lived closer together :( But who knows maybe someday!! And yes am enjoying married life soooo much :) :) :) Having a blast with my wonderful hubby/best friend!! Love you lots deary! Hope to see you at Christmas! Can't wait to just sit and chat with you again!!Love and miss you!!

  2. wooot woot for our Gang :) Love the post Parla!! Hey how did you get Lana's pictures of the wedding???