Wednesday, August 1, 2012

wow that month went fast!!!

is July really over already?

besides taking care of a baby, i'm really not sure what all i did...
o yeah, there were a few things:

i trained for a triathlon...not a full one, a sprint triathlon...we'll see how that goes on August 19...yikes!
i helped Dave build a shed
i made a mock wedding cake (pics to come after the wedding)
i took a 3 day/2night trip to Winnipeg w/ the hubby and baby
i finally got around to making some "art" for my wall
i made a citrus meringue pie from was delish :)
i found two teeth in Bump's mouth on her 7 month bday.
i also switched her over to a bottle...freedom!!!!
i think that's about it :)

now for the pictures: 

self portrait taken for the weekly facebook photo challenge
this week was "best part of my day"

cute little crossed footsies on the ride to winnipeg

shed building day:

as you can tell, Dave did most of the work ;)
pictures of the completed shed to come!

checkin' out her daddy's hard work

Brighton hasn't done the best w/ eating solid food
she just doesn't seem all that interested
but she sure is cute when she goes for it!

Dad also gets to help out w/ feedings now...although Munchers does a pretty good job of holding the bottle on her own.
In case you are wondering why the milk in her bottle is pink, well let me tell ya :)
i am a big fan of strawberry nesquik!
Brighton was absolutely awful about taking a bottle. i thought i was going to have to nurse her forever because she would throw a hissy fit anytime we tried to give her formula. 
i was getting desperate. 
i spent lots of time on google trying to figure out what to do. 
then i read where someone had put just a bit of strawberry nesquik in their baby's bottle, and like a charm, the baby took it!
so i decided to give it a shot. 
i bought i nice big bottle of strawberry nesquik, put about a teaspoon in with her 4 ounces of formula, and wouldn't you know, she drank it like it was candy ;)
the second time i gave her a bottle i did the same thing. once again it worked like a charm. 
the third time, i left the nesquik out, and it didn't phase her a bit...she drank the whole bottle!!!
sow now lil' B like formula, and i have a big bottle of strawberry nesquik hanging out in my fridge lol

Brighton is still very attached to her woombie...won't fall asleep w/out it...or her soother

she thinks she's pretty hot stuff most of the time ;)

besides Dave and i, her best friend is the little girl in the mirror in front of her
they spend a good bit of time together

also, Munchy is getting pretty sturdy
she can't pull herself up yet, but she sure does enjoy standing!

here she is modelling in front of my wall art :)
i'm so happy w/ how it turned out!

Daddy time!

Brighton has been a very needy baby, but praise the Lord, she is finally learning to entertain herself a bit more. 
I do have to be sneaky though...she will be happy as a clam, playing by herself until she sees me and realizes that she is being "neglected." 
then the crying starts :(
so what i usually do is to put her in a room, try to get her interested in something other than me, and then quickly leave, avoiding all eye contact lol :)
it usually works! at least for half an hour or so :)
and then of course there are those times where she is just too irresistible to leave alone, and i just have to scoop her up and hug her and kiss her and hold her and play w/ her

i love being a mom :)


  1. Awesome Parla!! Your wall art is so unique! And Brighton,,, she just keeps getting cuter by the post :) Wish I could squeeze her again. I see her lil' sprout is growing into a braid. Sheri

  2. The picture of Dave feeding Brighton and her looking just like a little birdie opening her mouth and looking right at him just melts my heart! And I also really like the "Daddy time" picture. And how in the world did you get her to sit still enough to give her a little french braid? Darling!

    1. i know aunt coleen, there is just something about a daddy and his little girl! and that braid...i do it while she is drinking a bottle....would never get her still otherwise!!!