Thursday, August 23, 2012

2012 family canoe trip

i was so blessed this month to have my ENTIRE family come up to see me!!!
ok, well i guess they didn't just come to see me...i'm sure Munchy, Dave and the promised canoe trip were a big draw as well ;)

they made the 28 hr. drive up here leaving Monday evening and arriving Tuesday night
Wednesday Mom and i spend the day getting things together for the canoe trip while Rebecca, Autumn, and Melissa drove their van down to Dryden to have some work done on it, and the guys helped Dave work on a cabin.

after a nice little breakfast Thursday morning, we headed out for our 3 day/2 night canoe trip
the weather was perfect ;)
ok, so it was a tad chilly every now and then, but overall, we really were blessed w/ a perfect weekend!
and despite the fact that we made a loop, the wind was at our backs the whole time!

 loaded up in the truck, heading out to our put-in spot

 we rented kevlar canoes, and they were awesome!
incredibly light compared to plastic canoes :)

loaded up for a portage :)

lots and lots of canoeing and lots and lots of beauty!

Munchers zonked out on the floor of the canoe
we had one 3 person canoe, and the person who sat in the middle was the designated baby sitter

dad fishing off the island we stayed on the first evening

family time around the fire in the evenings

 good times eating dirt while everyone else was setting up camp :) :) :)

this little ladybug got lots of loving over this past week!
and now she thinks she needs to be entertained all the time....ughhh!

one day we stopped at a place called Medicine Stone
there are some "paintings" on the side of a big rock...they are very faded and you really can't see much at all, but the rock sure was fun to climb!

i walked to the rock w/ lil' Bump on my back

 i was pretty nervous about taking Brighton on this canoe trip, but she actually did pretty good
she was her usual bipolar self...crying one moment and laughing the next
her happiest moment came when it started pouring down rain!!! poor little girl was soaked and cold, but the happiest any of us had seen her the whole trip
she had her cold little hands balled up into fists and was just flapping her arms up and down, smiling and jabbering away while the rest of us were trying not to cry!

 because the wind was at our backs, we were able to sail a few times by tying a tarp to two paddles and then holding them up

 everyone enjoyed the break :)

 family photo at our last lunch stop
i have such a fun family :)
thanx so much for taking the time to come up and see us!!!!


  1. Your family is too cool! Seriously. I admire how adventurous you all are! And you, dear, are one brave momma to take B! Glad she did so well!!

  2. What a wonderful trip! When I was 12, I went on a canoe trip down North River with G'father and G'mother H. and Aunt June. I think we were gone 3 nights. I still think about that trip and the little details of it. You will too 50 years from now!!

  3. What a lovely time with lots of planning and hard work. But nothing is free anymore. What great memories you all have generated. Brighton is a sweetie punkin', indeed!

  4. looks picture perfect Parla!!! Glad you had a great time...

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