Tuesday, August 14, 2012

august thus far

it's been a good month :)

went out with friends on their houseboat one evening to do some fishing, grilling, and fellowshipping

 Brighton got to try her hand at the wheel :)

 Hanging out by the lake w/ dad while mom took a swim 
(no, i generally do not swim in the lakes up here...way too cold! but i figured i better at least try it out since i'll be swimming in the lake for the triathlon on Sunday!)

 i've been enjoying these beautiful roses from my hubby!

they are currently gracing my coffee stand :)

anniversary date picture :)

so excited right now!
my family is currently on their way to canada!!!
all 7 of them :)
1 dad
1 mom
2 brothers
2 sisters
1 sister-in-law


  1. That's great! I know your family will have a wonderful time together! Emily

  2. I'm excited for you! Enjoy your family! Sandra

  3. Parla I can feel the excitment in the air! Your pictures are beautiful. Your family is beautiful! Thanks for taking the time to share. Looking forward to pictures with your family!