Monday, January 27, 2014

too late?

is there a time limit as to how far after an event you can post about it?
hopefully not, as these photos were taken well over a month ago :)
i just finished editing all my photos from the month of december

here's a little snapshot into our christmas here in Red Lake
we celebrated on the 21st, and then left for Virginia on the 22nd

pictures by the Christmas tree:
 seconds 1-10

seconds 11 and following...typical :)

 melt my heart!

 "Christmas" morning Dave read the story of Jesus' birth from the Jesus Storybook Bible
I can't recommend this book enough! Every story is tied back to Jesus.
Brighton absolutely loves it!

 after story time, it was present time!
their first gift was matching sleepers :) - pretty sure this one is going to be tradition!

Brighton was thrilled to open both her gifts and Asher's

Dave got a leatherman from the kiddos :)

reading new books w/ Dad

couldn't you just eat this lil' guy?
i mean seriously!

looking back at these pictures makes my heart so happy
i have a Savior who came as a baby so i could be free
i have a husband who loves me and our kiddos so so much
and i have 2 precious children
i am blessed :)

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