Tuesday, January 7, 2014

diy gifts

this Christmas i ended up doing quite a few DIY gifts
not all by choice ;)

Dave's family decided that each couple would make a gift for the other couples
we thought about it awhile, and finally decided to make hand painted wooden signs
i'd seen quite a few that i liked on interest, and took my inspiration from there
here's what we came up w/

it was a team effort
Dave bought a piece of shelving board and cut it into 4 pieces
he then painted/stained them all according to what i described to him and showed him in pics
they turned out so good!
i was so thankful for his help on that part because i would have been at a loss
i used InDesign to design the layout/lettering for each of them
i then printed them out on the printer, taped them together, and then used carbon copy paper to trace them onto the boards. Dave also helped w/ that.
painting the letters was the tedious part. it took much much longer than i ever expected it to
but we got them all done, and i think they were well liked by those who received them :)

the other diy gift i made this year was also inspired by pinterest
this one was from me to dave 

the easiest/funnest part about this gift was coming up w/ the 52 reasons!!!!


  1. Wonderful gifts. The hand made gifts are so special.

  2. I love mine! Thank you for using the talents God has given you. Love you all! Sandra