Friday, January 31, 2014

4 month old sweetness

my baby boy is 4 months old
he really seems to be flying through the baby stage
he's a smiley little thing
doesn't take much at all to get a big ol' toothless smile out of him
he smiles w/ his whole face, and it just makes ya wanna squeeeeeeeze him :)
he loves standing…seems to be a prominent trait in my babies
he supports all his weight for quite a while, just holding onto my fingers for balance
he sleeps through the night fairly often, and if he does wake up, putting a soother in his mouth usually puts him right back to sleep
he puts himself to sleep at night, usually crying for no more than a couple minutes, if at all
he won't fall asleep unless he's swaddled though!
he's not an overly happy baby…fussing a good portion of the day, unless he is being held
i sure do miss that first week of his life when he was the most content baby i'd ever seen! barely knew he could cry back then…no question about it now though!
he usually takes a soother, but it's never long until he has his hands in his mouth

4 month stats: 13 lbs. 3 oz. - 25 in. - cute as a button.

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