Monday, October 29, 2012

more of virginia

i didn't do so well at capturing the rest of our time in va, but i did get a few shots in here and there

one evening angela invited us over to her house for some amazing fajitas
loved hanging out in her cozy little home :)

charlie wasn't too sure about this little person invading his space lol

i was super blessed to have friends come all the way down from delaware to see me and bump!!

we had a delicious lunch at the Little Grill Collective (thanx for the pic Carmen!)

checking out some awesome hats from Timeless Toys!!!

one of Bump's favorite things to do at Grandpa and Grandma's house is to go check out the chickens w/ Grandpa

hanging out w/ Mummsy, Auntie Bec, and Abe

right before we left, Dave and i stopped by Bridgewater College to take a few fallish pics of Brighton

 happy last few days of October!!!!!!!


  1. Great pictures, Parla!! Looks like a great time in VA!

  2. Love the picture of Brighton checking out the chickens. Made me think of one of the few memories I have with Grandma Sonifrank - checkin' out the chickens and gathering eggs in the chicken house. Can't wait to see you guys at Christmas. Give Brighton a hug for me! Sandra

  3. So much fun. I love the picture of Brighton with her Grandpa.