Saturday, October 6, 2012

and the forecast wasn't lying!

we pretty much had a blizzard up here on friday
so much for fall!!!

just starting to come down...

falling, falling, falling...

not exactly sure how much we got
i heard someone say 12 inches
it was very wet and very heavy
trees down everywhere!
power out for 27 hrs

so so thankful for our fireplace!
lots of people didn't have heat

shovelling out my car

i thought we had a northern baby...not so much!
she was not happy at all about the snow
just like her mommy ;)

"this is not what i call fun!"

we played games
we watched a few episodes on the laptop
we laid around
we snacked
hubby got restless
said he wanted to make something
soooooo...we decided to make graham cracker fluff

melting the butter by the fire

double boiler over a little camp burner

beating the egg whites "until stiff" by hand!
i didn't know this was possible
but it is :)
dave actually did most of the beating :)
just as we were finishing up, the power cam back on...yay!

 we're going to a friends house today to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving :)
happy freezing, cold, wet, snowy october everyone!
feel free to come visit!


  1. 76 here in Albuquerque...PLUS the Balloon Fiesta! We have an extra bedroom if you want to come!

    1. i would love to come!!! who knows, maybe someday i'll be able to drop in on you and your cute lil' family :)

  2. I would love to come play in the snow with you and Brighton. Mummsy